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CashNetUSA got my new checking account information and debited my account. I checked the website and they had even updated the information in their system!! I never gave them this information. I live in the state of PA. They are not allowed to take money out of a checking account with out authorization. I am disputing the charges with my bank and unauthorized. Who can I contact to report them for the unauthorized use of my account? My contracts have my old account information. No where does it state that they can debit another account without my authorization.

I am sorry this happened, but from what I understand they can do that. I had one do it to me too and I was told that once you sign the ACH form, you are authorizing them to collect the money via ACH from ANY checking account. Or at least that is what my bank told me $675 dollars worth of OD fees later...sigh

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sbillingsley90 sbillingsley90

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My bank put a hold on my account on Friday and rejected the debits. I checked my contracts out with CashNetUSA, they have my old account information. No where in the contract does it state they can collect from another account without my authorization. Since I revoked the authorization I signed a fraud statement to the effect that they are no longer authorized to debit my account. My bank is working with me. I just want to know who to contact to report this activity.

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You can revoke ACH authorizations and you should be able to dispute it with our bank. It usually requires filling out a form and statement but it is your account and if you did not authorize activity, they can't take the money.

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Just out of curiosity, is your new account with the same bank that CashnetUSA had the info for on your old account? I just asked because if your new account is with the same bank, maybe CashnetUSA found your new account with your social security number.

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