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My checking acct is closed...BUT...

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I had money deposited into my acct through acheck this morning to make it positive so i could close it. Well, when i got to the bank to close th acct they already closed it and put he remaining $150 into my savings acct because that was over a well!!! I was planning on getting the $150 back and close my acct, this was all we had this wk, since my husband didnt get a check!!
I told her i wasnt aware of my acct closing, this was the assistant branch manager, she said well, it was over drawn and you said yesterday you wanted your acct closed, so good thing is, its closed!! Oh my gosh, i do see where they are coming from i had both accts neg, but she never said tehy were going to do this!!
I have -0-$$$$ this wk, what am i going to do??? I have 4 young boys, this really really sucks!!
I do have food though, Thank god, but i still have a mrtgage.
I told her yesterday that my husbands deposit goes into the savings and there will be a deposit next fri to bring it current she said that would be fine, she never mentioned if i made a deposit they would take it and mve it to my savings and close it before i got there!!
Anymore suggestions, besides getting those letters ready to send out, of which i wont be able to afford paying postage on them, so they will have to wait till next week!!

Well if you can't mail them then fax them for now, at least then you will have some proof that SOMEONE received them. As far as your acct being closed, did you make sure that once its closed its CLOSED? That is important!

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danilewis82 danilewis82

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Are both your checking and savings accounts closed?
I would speak with the manager. I know its a good thing that the checking account is caught up and closed, but if you didn't give them permission to move the money or close the savings account, then, and I could be wrong, it seems to me they overstepped their bounds...

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dawnlango7 dawnlango7

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She told me that was it, its closed and no more access to it at all. I wanted to do it myself, but guess they beat me to it.
That is an idea to fax, i will look around here to find the fax #s
I just need to know what to send to the legal pdl.
What a pain this is, what do we get our selves into!!
take care

Sub: #3 posted on Fri, 09/19/2008 - 21:17

wendylynn93 wendylynn93

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im guessing my savings acct is still open its negative but still open. She told me that they couldnt give me the money left from my checking acct because i was int eh negative on my savings so even if they didnt close my acct they were going to start pulling any positive from my checking to clear this negatve on my savings!!
I dont know what is right and wrong with these banks, you always"assume" they are telling you the way it is!!
Now i got some more bad news, just got a note from my car insurance saying its cancelled ~ add more to my fun.
thank you

Sub: #4 posted on Fri, 09/19/2008 - 23:40

wendylynn93 wendylynn93

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