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Check Resolution Services threatening to serve summons–I’m too scared

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I live in Texas. I had gotten a PDL with Check N Go online last year and due to money problems was unable to pay it. I am now receiving calls from someone named Kevin Carlson who says he is a process server in Tarrant County and Check Resolution Services is trying to serve me with a summons for theft by check, internet fraud, etc, but if I could work out an arrangement with the company (he gave me my client no & phone number 888-995-0615) he wouldn't have to serve this summons. First off, since when do process servers care enough to try to help you?! Their job is to just serve the papers not get involved.

I called this number back and lo and behold the same guy "Kevin the process server" answered and his name is now Seth. I know it's the same guy, because he has a very distinct voice. He kept putting me on hold saying he needed to talk with the bank about arrangements. When I asked the bank name he said it was First Federal. When I took out the loan with Check n go, the bank was First Bank of Delaware....not sure about than one.

He said the bank would give me 90 days to take care of this matter and he needed my debit card number. I told him that I would not give him a debit card/nor ACH information, but if he would give me an address I would send him a money order and make arrangements that way. He was like "Oh no, by the time we get your money order, you will have been served and then there's nothing I can do." He told me about all these fees I would incur at court and then they would fly their attorney in on his corporate jet and I would have to pay for that also! Good grief!

I told him to do what he needed to do because I wasn't giving my bank information. He kept saying he couldn't believe I'd rather go to court than give out my bank information! He said "Well, I see you really want to pay this off, so let me contact the bank again and see if they'll wait and I will call you back."

He called me on my cell phone, home phone and then when I didn't answer I get a call from my area code and when my son picked up the phone it was him with a totally different name on the caller ID. I know this was a ploy to get us to answer the phone by using a local. Not sure how he pulled that one off.

Anyway, I would be willing to make arrangements to get this debt taken care of, but all these underhanded tactics are ridiculous. I have a hard time believing that after almost 2 years they are now saying they are going to take me to court.

Anyone have any knowledge of Check Resolution Services or collection agencies with Check N Go, or just give me some advice on what to do.



Have you tried to call Check N Go themselves about this issue? I'm not sure, but they might be willing to work something out with payment arrangements.

I don't blame you at all for not giving this guy your banking info. I would be very skeptical about the situation, especially the fact that you said everytime you call the number for "Kevin," it's really him, but just using a different name each time. He's probably thinking that he is scaring you by saying you will be served a summons if you don't take care of the matter with your debit card. Keep refusing to give your banking info.

Send this company a debt validation letter.

By the way, has Check N Go even contacted you at all?

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m.lm1947 m.lm1947

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Check n go did contact me right after the payment was missed, but that is all.

Got another call from "Kevin" today telling me that he received a confirmation fax from Check Resolution Services to serve me today after 3 p.m. if I didn't contact them to try and work something out. He wanted to know if that was a good time for me? Stupid question! Now "Kevin/Seth" was supposed to call me back to tell me what the bank "First Federal" would agree to. Isn't the lender for Check n Go First Bank of Delaware?

I will try to contact Check n Go to see what's up. When I tried about 8 months ago they told me that the account was in collections and they couldn't do anything.

I'm really close to just filing for Bankruptcy with everything else that's going on in my finances lately. Does anyone know if PDL's can be discharged in a bankruptcy?

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it's possible check-n-go charged it off and sold it.this person can't have you served in that short a time.check your state laws in regards to recording calls.still look into it with check-n-go,but i'm almost sure they sold it to this JDB.if you have an address send a DV and C&D letter.send it certified mail return receipt.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I don't have an address. Of course, "Kevin" won't give it to me. I asked for one to send a money order for payment arrangements, but he just started hemming and hawing and saying that my payment would probably come in too late to stop the summons and would probably be sent back.

He advised me to just go out and get a prepaid visa and give him that #. Told him that I didn't have the money to do that on that particular day and he told me to just give him my debit card # until I could afford one. He said he knew how I felt about my debit card and it wouldn't be used, but just needed it to satisfy the bank so they would agree to the arrangements. I told him no. He said he just couldn't believe that I'd rather go to court than give him my debit card. I just said I'm sorry.

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pepper4707 pepper4707

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Try writing to the corporate headquaters. That's what I'm about to do. They actually did break a few laws here. They also tried getting my mom to give him information. Luckily my mom doesn't.

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he either has 5days after first contact to send a dunning letter.or within 30 days to file a time this doofus calls let him know that.the clock started when he left that voice mail stating you would be served that that time frame may be shorter,but it is around 30days from when he mentions it to acting on it.he can't just throw those phrases and words out there.keep track of the calls.if by some chance you get an address sue him out of existence.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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btw here's the link for headquaters address, i'm about to write them as well as file a bbb complaint.

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The link for the headquarters address did not show up. Could you please repost it.


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Sorry thought I posted the think.. argh.. for somereason it's not posting it. Go to Check'n'go and then about us page and down on the bottom it has "corporate headquarters" address.

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I just got the same call from the same number!! I gave my information! They said I was being brought up on bank fraud charges!! Now I want to stop payment and don't know the name of the company to stop it!!

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