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DFS loans/Cash Central

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I had a $300 loan with Cash Central. We have been back and forth all day with e-mails. I pretty much told them that were not licensed in Louisiana and that my loan was illegal. They kept telling me they were following Utah laws. I proceeded to send them the Lousiana laws pointing out that a payday lender must have a physical location in Louisiana to get a license.

Of course, they kept responding that they were approved by Louisiana to lend under the Utah license. I asked them for proof of this approval. My next e-mail informed me that they were going to discount all fees and my payment would be for $300. I informed them that I had made payments for fees of $150 and the I then owed $150.

Cash Central then sent another e-mail reminding me that I had refinanced the loan twice and the $150 I had paid was for those finance fees. I reminded Cash Central that they were not legal in Louisiana and the Louisiana law does not allow rollovers or refinancing.

Well, I feel that I have a last email from Cash Central stated that they have reveiwed my account and that $150 was left on my loan, to pay immediately with the options of payment.

Now I think I will try to break that amount up over 2 or 3 weeks.
I am struggling financially and $150 is alot to send at one time.


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Sub: #1 Um, LA doesn't license companies not physically located there.
Tue, 07/29/2008 - 14:27

Um, LA doesn't license companies not physically located there. Cash Central is partly correct, in that they dont' need an LA license. They do, however, have to follow LA laws. It's a wierd state.


Sub: #2 troll spew delted.the only idiot is you.terms and conditions mea
Tue, 11/18/2008 - 11:43

troll spew delted.the only idiot is you.terms and conditions mean nothing when the loan is illegal.also the lender follows the laws of the state the borrower is git i'm done with you...paulmergel

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