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I had a loan with cash call for $5,000 and to date have paid over $11,000. I have stopped making payments and received numerous phone calls and letters regarding refinancing etc of the loan. I now am receiving calls from delbert services, but when you call the number that shows up on the caller ID it is to cash call. I have emailed the person listed I previous post Eliza I believe and the phone calls start up again from delber services. Has anyone dealt with this and how have you handled it.

It would not suprise me in the least if Delbert Services is a third party collector owned and operated by Cash Call. We can confirm this and if this is the case, you would handle it like any call from a collector.

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kscornell kscornell
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If that is true then does that change the legality as I have read the previous posts about the cash call loans. I live in Michigan and cash call loans are no longer offered here. I have paid over $6,000 above the original loan amount.

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Hey - I told you in your topic, you need to contact CashCall's dispute resolution manager Elissa Chavez and tell her you are done paying. [email]Elissa.Chavez@cashcall.com[ /email]

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waffles waffles
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I did and she said to call her, which I did and left a voicemail. Immediately the calls started coming from delbert services and no response from her. What's next?

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