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My battle against United Cash Loans

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The other day I started my battle with my pdls. One of them being UNITED CASH LOANS, which I'm sure you all have heard of or have had some kind of dealings with. I sent them a message that I wanted loan documents sent to me and for them to prove that they are legal here in the US. The rep answered my back , making a long story short, saying that they are legal and that I need to pay my loan as originally stated by them.

Today, I just sent them an email with a copy of the Florida Law on payday loans, proving that they ARE NOT LEGAL. The email came back as undeliverable. VERY STRANGE> All my other emails had been delivered until I sicked the AG on them and told them that I had done so. May I make a suggestion?? I am going to send email after email to all my pdls with a copy of the florida law and a note stating that I want a copy of my papers. I will let them know that I have filed a complaint against them. I am going to send this email everyday until I get some response/action from them. I think that If we all did that mybe they would get sick of US. I know that I am sick od=f them.

Also file with the BBB - United Cash replied directly with them and gave me a PIF in the process. Of course I had grossly overpaid them but I will take it to be rid of them once and for all.

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Thanks I plan on it. When I spoke with the State department, the rep told me that they have two cases filed against United right now. We will keep our fingers crossed

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pat, I , too, am a big believer in emailing the hell out of the pdl's. Did you try emailing to:
It's worth a try. Might not work. I also fax the hell out of them. Luckily I have access to a fax. I just stand there and fax them all over and over. Email them over and over. It's a fun game.

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cannr cannr

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I plan on being an emailin' fool. I will try the address you gave me !
Thanks again,
Keep smiling :wink:

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pat, let me know if it works. If so, email them about 4 times a day every day. I had fun doing that until one of my pdl's told me to leave them alone and then started sending my emails back to me. Oh. So sorry! :D

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cannr cannr

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cannr that is funny.Harass them back for the misery they put you thru! :lol:

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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Thanks, cajun! It was getting to be quite funny for awhile! When the pdl's start telling YOU to go away, you really know you're a pest! LOL! :lol:

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cannr cannr

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Good job Cannr. :-)

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eleroo eleroo

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i want to pay it off cant get in touch with them should have never took money need email or phone number

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I did the same. I sent them a good morning message and a good night message every day. They will get sick of it.

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llw1995 llw1995

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