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so someone called my place of work and gave them a case number and a phone number. i googled the case number and nothing came up, is it possible they just lied? i have defaulted on some loans but i'm not sure if the case number is real or not, maybe i just didnt do the right thing to find it? i know these guys will lie thru their teeth to scare us, just wondering.

The case number is nothing more than an account number for whoever is trying to call you. You cannot google that type of number. Try calling them and finding out who they are collecting for. Then hang up.

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Check your county court docket asap to find out whether or not any cas has been filed against you. If not, then it’s surely a scam. In this case file a complaint against them to the SAG or FTC.

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If the case had been filed then papers would probably have been served on you. Usually these "case" numbers don't even have the correct format for a court case.

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thanks, i was not served and they know my home address and obviously my work address too. just more bs.

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