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Payday Loans in NC (Illegal)

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I have 3 existing PDLs;

Green Pickett: Loan for 400.00. Made 1 payment of 249.96

United Cash Loan: Loan for 150. Made 4 payments of $45.00. Requested a refund of $30

Castle Payday: Loan for 300. Made 1 payment 75.00

I called the NC Attorney General Office and spoke with a employee who stated I only owe the principal balance. I have already revoked ACH authorization. I have also emailed all 3 companies stating that I ONLY owe them the principal balance. I also stated that I will only pay the principal balace in monthly installments. Please help me. They are calling me constanly on my cellphone and at my place of employment.

Below is a reply from Castle PayDay

Please be advised that Red Rock Tribal Lending, LLC (D/B/A is a Tribal enterprise, wholly owned and operated by the Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, a federally-recognized Indian tribe and sovereign government (“Tribe”). Because the Tribe regulates its own consumer financial services pursuant to Tribal law, state licensure or regulation is unnecessary and inapplicable to the Tribe, and, by extension, Red Rock Tribal Lending, LLC.

Having stated the above, we understand that many people are experiencing difficult times. So, while we are not obligated to do so, and in full and final settlement of your grievance and any claims you may wish to assert against us, we will agree to the amount and schedule below. Once all the agreed upon settlement payments have been successfully paid, we will waive the remaining balance on your account. Agreeing to this settlement will freeze any interest or fee amounts currently outstanding.

Current Amount Due: $480.00

Number of settlement payments: 6

Payment Schedule:

09/13/2013 $80.00

09/30/2013 $80.00

10/15/2013 $80.00

10/31/2013 $80.00

11/15/2013 $80.00

11/29/2013 $80.00

Payment Method: ACH

Although we do accept Money Orders and Cashier’s Checks, we strongly recommend that you select ACH transfer to prevent any issues that may result from an untimely or lost payment sent through the U.S. postal system. Please notify us if you would like to use a payment method other than ACH.

To finalize this settlement option, please reply “I AGREE” in the subject heading of the email. You hereby voluntarily authorize us to initiate automatic debit entries to your Bank Account in accordance with this Agreement. Only upon receipt will settlement be made. Failure to accept this agreement may result in your account being sent to a 3rd Party Collections Agency.

Dear Castle Payday

Quit handing out the BS. You are an unlicensed lender in my state and legally I owe you NOTHING. NADA. I am not going to argue with you. Western Sky has just gone you want to be next???? I will repay the principal at MY convienence via postal money order only. Sure you can send me to collections...I will simply cease and desist any agency you assign me to. Should they violate that cease and desist I will happily pursue them for statutory damages under the FDCPA. So do yourself a favor....stop calling and stop sending me stupid emails with threats that mean nothing.

Govern yourself accordingly

To the poster....hopefully you have shut your bank account down and done a voluntary wage assignment revocation.

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