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Boulevard Cash / Fireside Cash - response to ACH revocation

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After reading through the helpful threads in this forum, I realized Boulevard Cash is an illegal offshore lender (based in Belize). I originally borrowed $500 from them, and have made 3 $150 "interest/renewal" payments, resulting in a $50 balance. I emailed them yesterday afternoon as directed using one of the ACH revocation letters I found here, and also notified them I would pay the remaining $50 balance although I was not required to do so and would do it via prepaid debit card or money order.

Here is the response I received today, in case anyone has an account with them too and would like to know how they work:


Thank you for your email. We appreciate the opportunity to clarify Fireside Cash's business practices.

Fireside Cash is located in Belize. As we state clearly in the loan agreements you signed and the terms and conditions to which you voluntarily agreed to, the law of Belize applies to your loan. Courts in the State of Nevada recognize and enforce choice of law provisions such as the one that is included in your loan agreement with us. Thus, your statement concerning "permissibility" of this loan in your state is simply incorrect.

Additionally, it was you who proactively searched for an Internet loan and willingly accepted the funds we deposited into your account.

We have multiple recourses to retrieve our funds, including collections and legal remedies, which we are prepared to enforce. In the spirit of good faith we prefer not to pursue these options, as they are costly to both parties.

As a courtesy, and with no obligation to do so, we will accept a settlement for the original principal loan we made to you in the amount of $500.00 In doing so, we will also waive any accrued finance fees and charges. (bolded emphasis theirs)

Be advised, upon your acceptance of this settlement you will not be able to access our services in the future.


Fireside Cash"

their offer is an insult.respond this way.

since i am not a resident of belize i only owe 50.00,and will pay via money order to a tangible address.that is my offer.take it or leave it.

respond that way.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I'm not sure but I beleive the Fireside and Seaside are the same. I had a loan with Seaside and revoked ACH and told them that since I was not a resident of Belize that I would only repay the balance of the principal which in my case was $42.50 via money order. They sent me an acceptance email and their address. I would stick to my guns and only pay the balance of the principal. I did give them all the reasons they were illegal and that I had filed complaints with FTC, BBB, AG.

Don't pay them a cent more than the principal. Keep sending the emails until you get an acceptance from them.

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I just responded back with thanking them for acknowledging that I have revoked ACH authorization and will only be paying $50 as agreed upon since they also agreed to honor the $450 I have already paid.

The representative responded that I could call their 866 number to set up the remaining payment.

So, fingers crossed, it looks like they accepted and won't pursue it further, but the regular payment according to the "agreement" is supposed to come out of my account on Wednesday, so we shall see. I put a hard block on the account to where it only accepts deposits, but my bank has said they will notify me if there is an attempt to debit the account.

I agree; their response was insulting, but considering they are an illegal PDL, I wouldn't expect any less.

Sub: #3 posted on Sat, 11/03/2012 - 05:28

tiger09 tiger09

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So far so good with Boulevard Cash. They have not attempted to debit my checking account, and they did accept the prepaid debit card information I gave them. The woman I spoke with was very snippy, including asking why I couldn't pay off the $50 in one payment or do it sooner? I told her, "You're an offshore, illegal lender. I legally don't owe you one more penny, but in good faith, I'm offering to repay the $50 my way on my terms. If you don't like them, you won't get another red cent from me." She quickly changed her attitude around then. I also got her name and extension number, and I've continued to email the manager I spoke with confirming when I provided the debit card information and who I gave it to. She emailed and confirmed back that it had been accepted. I just like to cover my bases in case they do try to debit my checking account, or in case they send it to a collection agency.

Sub: #4 posted on Fri, 11/09/2012 - 00:08

tiger09 tiger09

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