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I took a loan out with Zest Cash which was bought out by a company named SpotLoan. It was for 800.00 so far I have paid 920.00. I live in Missouri Is this company legal in my State. I tried to locate a licence for them with no luck.

They are an illegal tribal lender. You owe principal only..so you have over paid.

Read and follow the link in my signature line for information on how to deal with illegal lenders.

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They are not licensed in MI. You need to file a complaint with the AG and the FTC.

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I live in Missouri not Michigan.

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Kate, ignore the unregistered idiot....they dont read or answer questions correctly. Follow my instructions.

Have you tried logging in Kate?

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I am trying to figure out what to do about my ZestCash now Spotloan. ZestCash was legal in MO but Spotloan is tribal. Ohio Gal said it is a legal loan because it was originally ZestCash, but I'm seeing others saying it is tribal because of the change. How I deal with this company depends on which one it is. I'm very confused on this one. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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cindyray cindyray

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For some reason, it has me as unregistered. I will try this again.

My wife and I are in MO also. We got a loan from Zestcash for $800 back in early June 2012. Then all of a sudden they changed over to Spotloan about a month later. We have already paid well over $900 and they say we still owe $600+ dollars. Well, I posted a question on this site a few minutes ago about this but then saw you guys talking. I thought I'd chime in with some more hopeful help? If you've paid over the principal of that installment loan (which is different in MO than a payday loan, which you can only get $500. With installment loans you can get up to $1,500) then anything else is extra. Don't pay them ANYMORE. This site has me all going now, heck yes.

If you've paid to Zestcash, then that loan was with them as they were licensed and legal in Missouri. I just checked the DOR website. Spotloan is NOT licensed and Zestcash never made the news to MO about the switch, I'm guessing since they don't want to pay and deal with the states laws/regulations.

So now, I thought we owed them alot more but we don't since they're sneaky little bugs. I also just found an interesting article on Google regarding the lies and trickery of the Zestcash to Spotloan switch overnight, read it, it's a good article.

http:// www.pdlindustry.com/zest-cash...-to-spot-loan/

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Hiya Hiya

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Thank you. Who are you dealing with at SpotLoan? I've been trying to work with Roxanne.

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cindyray cindyray

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In reply to you, we haven't really dealt with anyone so far but I have learned of Spotloan illegality here in Missouri as of last night. They switched over in July I think. I researched their many names on the MO DOR website under business license search and nothing comes up. Zestcash still shows as licensed but it is no more and they weren't tribal nor in ND. They were in CA. They tried to be sneaky too. Now we know the truth about them and their bullcrap loans. Roxanne sound familiar though, we've got a few email receipts for payments we've made to them from her. Don't give in and don't give up! They actually owe us money now since they've been illegally performing this loan since July 2012. I will be dealing with them shortly.

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I borrowed 400 when it was zestcash. I stopped paying then got scared and now started again. I am to pay over 600 dollars over the 400 borrowed. I pay by bill pay and there are two outsatanding checks not cashed. Can they garnish or take to collection and court? I want to pay at least the 400.00 back and be done.

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Thanks for the update. Since I have paid them the principal and sent the letter to revoke my ACH I stopped paying them anything. A few weeks ago I received a letter from them saying I still owed them because Zest Cash was legal in MO. I did not contact them and after reading your post I had forgot that they can only lend up to $500.00 in MO. Is this considered a payday loan? Also today I received a e mail from them asking me to rate Spotloans service?????

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