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My wife borrowed from this "organizaton" and the amount of withdrawals they have made from her bank account has caused her to become $1,150.00 in the hole. The customer service # (1-800-282-5450) dials into a company called "Bio Health Essentials Customer Care Center. What do we do? I s it legal to reverse the ACH at the bank?

As far I know...BIG is illegal. You can avoid this withdrawal menace by closing the account. But before closing it please go through the page: - IMPORTANT - Read before closing your bank account due to pdl.

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phoenix phoenix
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Hello Kevin and welcome to the community! :) It IS very legal to revoke ACH transactions, refer below. Unfortunately, this won't stop them from debiting your account, BIG is highly illegal. There are only two ways to prevent further debits from your account, either by closing it out, or placing a hard debit block on that account. What state are you in so we can post your pdl laws?

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