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Can I get out of a Plain Green loan or change the payments on it to fit my budget?

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I am in Arizona. I got an online loan for $700 from Plain Green Loans, LLC that I think is an installment loan, not a "payday" loan. From a previous illegal payday loan, my bank account has been closed. I still cannot afford the original payment schedule that was set up with Plain Green Loans. Is there a way for me to get out of this loan or make payments that I CAN afford and avoid any wage garnishment or civil suit?

Have you called and asked them?

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You should contact the lender and let them know about your financial hardship. If the lender is convinced about your financial hardship, then you will be able to get an affordable repayment plan in order to get rid of the debts.

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Anna Sweeting Anna Sweeting

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If your lender agrees to arrange an affordable repayment plan for you, then it will be good for you. However, if the lender refuses to do so, then you need to increase your income. You should also create and follow an effective budget. This may help you make payments on the loan.

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plain green once was thinkcash/fbd.they were legal back then,but plain green is a tribal lender meaning they are not you only owe the principle and anything debited thus far gets deducted from that.try to check on how much was paid to them thus far and pay them only after they give you a plausible address to send the payments,and only what you can afford.i do have that question.was this under thinkcash/fbd,or under plain green?

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paulmergel paulmergel
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From personal experience, Plaingreen wont help with anything. I just got lucky and the guy removed my bank info on the first request. As previously stated, loans originated under Plaingreen are not legal loans, but if you did the loan under FBDloans or Thinkcash then they may be legal in your state.

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skyhawk19973 skyhawk19973

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OK I have a quick question or comment I guess if the contract is still legit with think cash after they sold my loan to plain green then why did they state on my credit report the loan was paid in full satisfactorily and account was closed it noted that also it was sold to another party who plain green has not reported anything to my credit report.O I am in Texas by the way also PLAIN GREEN sucks compared to think cash they are screwing us over all kinds tried sending them a check paying the account in full a month ago they stated they didn't get it and so 2 weeks after the fact I told them I would just cx the check and reissue another. THE NEXT DAY they cashed the check I canceled! Since then I have been looking for a way not to pay them as I have already over paid $1300 for a $2200 loan and they are not licensed in the state of TX. My friend said she hasn't paid them in the last 3 months and they haven't reported it to her credit report but I dunno! They are still claiming my account is paid in full with a check that has been canceled that they are fully aware was canceled. I hate pay day loans I will never if I can help it get another.

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can i get out of agreement or lower my payments?

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You posted on a year old thread....,who do you owe and what state do you live in??

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