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Ameriloan Harrassment Phone Calls

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I live in PA.

I keep getting calls at my work number from Ameriloan. I do owe them money, and have stated in a letter sent late Nov that I will pay the principle only with payments starting in January.

They keep calling my work (usually 3-4 times weekly). I keep informing them, as I have in the letter I sent, that they cannot contact me at my place of employment. I have filed complaints with the BBB (which Ameriloan didn't respond), the FTC (haven't heard a response from them) and my states attorney general. I sent the Atty Gen all the times and names of representatives who call. They have wrote back stating the case is being investigated.

I would like to know if Ameriloan is breaking any laws regarding their collection practices and what actions I can take, beyond the ones stated previously, to cease the harassing phone calls at my place of employment.

Thank you for any assistance on this matter,


Unfortunately with PDL's nothing seems to work, they will keep calling. You can file a police report for harassment. Is Ameriloan an illegal lender in your state? If not, your responsible to pay them back according to your original contract. If they are illegal, you only have to pay back the principle amount of the loan. I had a loan with them and no problems. The next time I went to do a loan with them it was declined because my state had made PDL's illegal and they could no longer loan in AZ.

The AG will send them a copy of your complaint and they have so many days to respond. The AG will send you a copy of their response. I went through all of this with my other PDL's and unfortunately in my state the AG can't do much but to keep these company names on file, and watch for how many complaints come in.

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Ameriloan aka CLK Management/AMG Services and ar not legal anywhere. If they call you, don't speak to them, the more you talk to them the more they will call.

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