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I have this nightmare of a lender with my silversafe, I think they are out of Canada. My bank ACH says first west coast financial. I have only taken out about $3,640.00 during the time I have been with them. I have paid these people over, and yes, $13000.00 in fees . I added all ACH credits and all ACH debits in my account history. I was in desperation and could not come with the money to pay off the principal. They have been taking out close to $410.00 every two weeks. I closes by bank account last month since I also has plain green, which I got a settlement today via e mail and mobile loans which I will e mail them today.
They are not licensed in Florida because I checked. Any one with any experience with theseele. Please help. I will send them an e mail today per suggestions in this forum. Thanks

Follow all of the instructions in the link in my signature line. You need to go into your bank and close down your account immediately and open a new one that is not linked. You need to do do both ACH and wage assignment revocation.

You dont need a "settlement"agreement from any of these illegal lenders. You only owe princpal...no fees and no interest. And you can pay back the principal at YOUR convienence.


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if you really did 13000 in fees on 3640 in loans you don't owe them.they owe you,but being as they are located in the US a refund will be hard if not impossoble.just know that if the numbers above are correct you don't owe jack.

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yes, this numbers are correct according to the loan history. I added all the debit and credit columns and I have these people over $13000.00, and have taken out, correction, $3160.00
as crazy as it sounds. I already closed my bank account and will send them an e mail. I just hope they do not come after me as the principal still shows $1500.00. All I have paid are fees.

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that is because as all illegals they will debit forever and those fees never go toward the principle.again an illegal piece of pdl shit.you overpaid on all loans including this one.don't worry about them,or their tactics and lies as they will lie and try to make you believe they are legal.they are not.do as soaplady advised.go to the link in her signature and do not hesitate to ask anything further.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Thanks for all your support. I will do as soaplady advised. i will send my silversafe an e mail now. They are not taking another dime from me.

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I just sent this people an E mail revoking ACH and wage assignment. I think they are located in Canada, they say they are governed by some kind of canadian tribe. I have taken out from them in the course of 3 years $3,160.00 and have paid through ach debits a total of $13,351.50, and yes, this amount is correct. On their contract it says they do not have to follow any US or State Laws, per Office Office of Financial regulation they are not licensed in Florida. I guess I'll wait and see how they respond to my e mail. the contract address in in Canada. I refuse to pay them another dime.

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no tribal loan is legal.why?because unless you are a member of tribe their blither about"tribal law"means dick.glad to see you are not giving them another dime.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I have not gotten an e mail from these people, This is the loan that I have taken out over the course of close to 3 years, totaling $3,160.00 in deposits and withdrawals for over $13000.00, and yes, this figure is correct. When I logged into their web site and does not indicate loan information anymore and it says: Congratulations, we have received your request to call them to confirm my request. I am not calling these people, I filed complaints with Florida Office of Financial regulations along with the others which include Plain Green, I am paying principal only, Mobile Loans , have not heard a word from them and they are overpaid, western sky/delbert which I have overpaid $1229.
my silver safe is located on canada and they an illegal tribal lender I understand. Thanks

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