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Has anybody ever dealt with Uncle Warbucks? How do they handle ACH revocation, collection etc. Any advice and tips on how to deal with them would be greatly appreciated. I sent them ACH revocation a few times, I replied to their last email reminding them I revoked their ACH authorization on Aug 30 and they completely ignored it, they didn't even acknowledge any of my emails... I suspect they're going to be more responsive when their ACH transaction is returned by my bank for lack of proper ACH authorization...we shall see!

Sorry, Matt never heard of them

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bingonut bingonut

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East Side Lenders morphed into UWB...both go through Centrinex. Send them an email and it will come back undeliverable with paths to these two companie s.

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East Side Lenders was ordered by the MD Commission of Financial Regulation to cease and desist making loans in is interesting that they now go by UWB. Wondering if MD Commission should know about this?

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Matt Matt

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Did you look at their website??? customerservice@unclewar

They are an illegal unlicensed Canadian lender based in Quebec. Follow the link in my signature line for full information on how to deal with them. Make sure your bank account is closed!!

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Matt-look at that undeliverable email again and you will also see that there is a path to East Side Lenders. They show their contact information as based out of Quebec, but most shady lenders give misleading info and don't reply to emails. If this is your first loan with them I would expect a hassle, if not, most illegal lenders will look at your past history and cut you some slack based on money they already made on you. Best of luck.

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BTW, Centrinex is the ACH outfit that handles most online payday loans.

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took $300.00 and my bank first sided with them...until I reminded my bank about the LAW...then the $300 were out of spite, UncleWarbucks debited $1,300!!! which of course were refunded within a week but that was a bit scary... now my account is listed as "collections" so I am hoping no more ACH but I am paying my bills a week away from payday just in if need be I get a refund yet again. I know you're going to tell me to close my bank acct but that would be a hassle and for now I am staying put. The other PDLs have been very quiet, some are asking for credit/debit card number, even offering to wave fees...evidently the ACH network is no longer accessible for many of them... Hydra Fund II, Boulevard/Seaside Cash, SGQ, Greenwood... Thanks NY for cracking down on banks and putting them on the spot for being complicit with illegal PDLs!!! Maryland has also been cracking down...

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Matt Matt

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Is out of business? I recieved a goofy email from a COSTARICA4 saying that they could'nt debit my account but to call them to pay another way. No payment came out and my balance is showing as .00 . Does anyone know what happened?

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Same thing happened to me. I had called them to ask how much was going to come out of my acct last pay day and they told they never took that money and then it said I owed some for this pay day and my account says inactive and .00 balance. I'm kind of scared what these people might do. Maybe I should call my bank?

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nitenursestat nitenursestat

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