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Help With ACH "Returned" Debit

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Some of my lenders are contacting me to say that my ACH debit was refused by my bank. American Web Loan left a message to say that it was in my best interest to contact them because I had already had several opportunities to work this out. Funny thing is, the last debit they did went through on 9/30. I suspect they are no longer able to ACH debit and want an alternative payment. Any way this can work to my advantage? Anyone have experience with this? Thanks!

Hydra Fund II wants credit/debit payments, Boulevard Cash wants CC #, who else?... SGQ, Greenwood...
Banks have been restricting access to ACH network for PDL because they're being investigated as being complicit in the scam (for example in NY) and I presume big banks do not want to be associated with offshore and often illegal payday lenders...

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Do you have to pay them all via money order now? It's not my fault they can't "get" my money. So do that make them more willing to negotiate, or does it make them start calling more? I guess my biggest fear is being harassed at work for something that I can't control.

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Get a prepaid debt card. That's what I did and they have no access to your accounts and as long as they get money (only the principal) they won't harass you.

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Mitch Mitch

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DO NOT waste money loading prepaid debit cards. Your lenders are them by money order only.

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not only does it cost to buy,and load a prepaid,but in light of the ACH decision there could be money orders are .70 at walmart.whereas a card costs 10.00 to buy,and 5.00 to load and again the prospect of doubledipping.not worth it.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I guess I had luck with my prepaid. It was free and $1.00 transaction fee. I went to Advance America. So it was just as much as a money order and a stamp.

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Mitch Mitch

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that's because AA had the cards themselves.go to a wal-mart,or anywhere else and it is not free to purchase the card,or load it.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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The last one was UncleWarbucks and after a couple of fight to get ACH returned (300, then 1,300!) it's been complete silence...nothing happened last pay day so I am guessing they got the message. Also, Hydra II, Boulevard Cash, National Payday Loan...hum who else? SGQ processing, Great Plains emails, calls, nothing for the last few weeks. I am in Maryland btw where PDL are illegal. This is very weird...I suspect most of them can't get to the ACH network anymore and after attempting to get my CC# a few times they threw the towel...I am going to stay vigilant nonetheless and I will NEVER EVER take another PDL. I am probably black-listed anyways... Good luck people! and once you get out of PDL Hell please don't go back :)

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Matt Matt

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Congratulations Matt and good luck!

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bingonut bingonut

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