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ACH Freeze on bank account...

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I have to do this by Friday, as I get paid on Friday (by direct deposit) & I will have over $1,000 in payday loans that will be taken out of my account!!!! I've already spoken with Langhorne Debt Solutions, LLC, and they're saying the first step is to contact my bank & put a ACH freeze on my account. But what happens to my direct deposit??? I set up a savings account to start payments to Langhorne, but I can't stop the direct deposit from happening on Friday!!! HELP, PLEASE!!! :?

your deposit should still go in the account... it's a pain in the butt though bc you have to go to your bank and tell them to put a stop on them that you didn't authorize them. if you say they didn't authorize them then they can't let them debit your acct. if they do, you can also go back after the deposit is made and get your money returned. takes like 3 days though to credit in your acct. this is in OK

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You need to go to your bank and talk to the bank manager. Tell him/her you wish to revoke "debit" ach transactions to your account. This will still allow deposits (credits) to go into your account. If you put a "hard block", "ach freeze", on your account, neither deposits or debits will be allowed. So your employer will not be able to depoit your check.

My suggestion is after your employer makes the direct deposit, you go in and withdrawl the money immediately. Go to a different bank (not affliated) with your current bank and open a new account. Then give your employers the new account info and have your direct deposits sent there.

Go back to your old bank and close the old account. Do NOT give the pdl's your new account info.

Send any and all payday loan lenders a letter (paper or email) revoking the ach transaction agreement (your right under federal law). Then try and set up an EPP.

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Be careful with the ach freeze and make sure you understand it. If these pdl's are not able to get thru with an ach many will then try to send a paper check thru. Also keep in mind that many, many regular places that you write checks to pay your regular bills and groceries put those thru as ach's as well, so do you have an alternate way to get your other bills paid?

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you need to send letters to your PDL's first and then show the bank your copies that you did revoke ach transactions and disallowed paper checks. personally, I emailed all my PDL's and gave copies to the bank. i got refunded my NSF fees because of this. I was going to go through Langhorne but I just kept reading how you wind up paying them an arm and a leg and that sometimes some of these PDL's don't deal with debt settlement companies. I was able to get rid of my payday loans by myself with some strong and sound advice from this website.

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Do not send the letters to the pdl place's revokeing ach until after you have secured your account. As soon as they get that letter the illegal lenders more then likely will try to empty out your account of everything they can. Make sure your money is secure first! Thats why Langhorne told you the first thing to do is freeze ach.

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Yes, you need to put your account on a credit only status. This allows your deposit to come through and you can go in & withdraw your money. You need to have all debits blocked not just ACH ones as stated earlier these low down dirty companies will try and get you by any means necessary.

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I dont want to go through a debt cancelation company. I want to do it on my own. Tell me how!

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If you want to get out of the PDL trap, this is the place! Please provide some basic information and the experts here can help you. The State you live in, the names of the PDL's you borrowed from, how much you've paid back, whether they're internet or storefront.

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