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Hi Everyone,,,, I've been reading alot of posts here, I just happened to stumble across this site, when I was looking for information on a Geneva Roth Ventures. I have no idea who this company is, but they have managed to clean out my bank account 2 times. The first time , I opened a new account, but in some way they seemed to find my new account info. After weeks of dealing with the bank and the authorities, I actually have my money back, but this company, whoever they may be, has destroyed my trust I have in putting money into any bank account. I feel for everyone that has to go through this.!!!!

Geneva Roth is a pdl co. Did you happen to apply for a pdl at one time and not pay it back? Did you open up a new account at the same bank that you were at previously? You would be better off going to a totally different bank if that is the case. At least you got your money back alot of people don't get their money back or have had a very hard time getting it back.

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