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PDL Assistance, Harassing Debt Collectors, & Further Action

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Hey guys,
An update on things: Stuff was calm for a while, but it looks like the headaches are starting again. For a refresher on my story, look here:

The first debt collector that contacted me was friendly, willing to work with PDL Assistance, and actually got in touch with them, things were starting off well.

The second debt collector to contact me has been Sterling & King on behalf on UpFrontMoney (who claim I owe $379.00) After receiving their letter, I called and spoke to Tiffany. She claimed that they do not deal with outside debt consolidation companies since they are a legal recovery firm that retain attorneys on site. She also said my debt must be paid by the end of the month (They received it at the beginning of July), otherwise it would be reported to credit bureaus and my score will be affected negatively 100 points.

The same day I got the following email from AOM:


This is your final notice.

Since we have not received payment, or a response from you, we are reporting you to our attorney's office for collections. Our attorneys will start the pursuit of WAGE GARNISHMENT in order to collect this debt.
Additionally we will report you to TELECHEX.

This procedure is costly and time-consuming and should proceedings become necessary, you may be required to pay all court cost, attorney fees, and interest as allowed by law.

Additionally, we will be reporting you to the 3 major credit bureaus, which will stay on your record for seven years, reflecting a negative credit rating.

We would of course, prefer that this matter be resolved prior to any further action that may ensue. Therefore we are granting you a 10 day period from the date of this notice, for you to remit the required sum. Failure to respond will be considered a refusal to meet your obligation and the appropriate procedures may be undertaken for the collection of your account plus any and all accrued charges.

If you wish to resolve this matter, contact AOM today to discuss alternate payment arrangements. This is your final chance to MAKE arrangements to resolve this matter.

Stacy May
Account Manager

Customer Service
AOM Internet Cash
Phone: (800) 285-8781
Fax: (800) 307-0987

OK. So I call PDL Assistance up. I am told these are just scare tactics and I should ignore them (easier said than done). They also asked me to fax the letters from both parties to them for my file, which I have done. The main part about the above that scares is the fact that a DEBT COLLECTOR, not a pdl company, is refusing to deal with PDL assistance, something I was told wouldn't happen...

But I'm not done.

Today I receive a call at work from one Mike Spivey calling from an unidentified company in Harris County Texas. He says that he is calling as a mediator on behalf of Quickest Cash (MTE Financial) and asks if I want to settle my issue in court or out of it. I take his number and ask to call him back.

I call the number back (713-777-2500 - a quick search for that on these boards reveal that the company is 1st IRS). I ask for Mike Spivey but am told that he is in an attorney's meeting, the lady who answers asks if she can help me. I pass along the message that am I dealing with PDL Assistance and am interrupted and told that they do not deal with third party companies. I ask what the company I called is, and am told that it is some sort of law firm (the person's accent was thick and sometimes difficult to understand). I advise the woman that I'll be calling the Texas State Attorney General's Office and Texas Consumer Commission tomorrow to work out what my rights are and what I should do. At this point, the lady becomes down-right belligerent. Before I can even finish my sentence - "You can call whoever you want! You OWE a DEBT. blah blah blah.. BECOMES A FELONY... Blah blah blah Were you in a credit repair program when you signed with MTE? Then blah blah blah. You're refusing to pay." "I'm not refusing to pay" I start..."YOU'RE REFUSING TO PAY!!!..." Then she really starts screaming, and I'm forced to hang up on her.

So here's who I'm calling tomorrow morning :
1. The FTC, to file a complaint about 1st IRS
2. PDL Assistance
3. The Texas Attorney General's Office
4. Texas Consumer Commission
5. Maybe Bud Hibbs. I see that 1st IRS isn't on his list yet, maybe they should be.

I want to get down to the bottom of what's true and what's BS, what my rights are and what I can and can not do. I know some people are going to say 'you can handle it yourself!' Fair enough, maybe I will, but don't just tell me what I CAN do, tell me HOW to do it - that's what I'm interested in right now more than anything.

I think you are going to do the right thing. You should also check out the legal status of pdls in your state. You can also get a free counseling from our community's professional counselors so that you can take better decision.

According to me you have done the right thing by closing your bank account (I got this info from the other thread you gave link of). If you really want to payoff the debt then you can take a debt consolidation loan and payoff the pdls. PDLs are so annoying.

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phoenix phoenix
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PDL Assistance is correct. Unfortunately bill collectors for pay day loan companies will almost say anything and everything to collect. They pretty much ignore the laws. These pay day loan places don`t like to have to deal with places like PDL Assistance or other pdl settlement companies so some collectors will talk tough to talk you out of dropping out of their program. Hang in their . I know its stressful but you will get through this.

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mobile0311 mobile0311
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quckest cash is part of MTE,therefore are illegal in the extreme.
report them to the tx AG.everything they did and said was bogus.i have to wonder,is every illegal pdl and collector using
thick accented doofuses?just wondering.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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they are a bunch of bs. im still waiting for my validation, you wont get one

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So here's who I'm calling tomorrow morning :
1. The FTC, to file a complaint about 1st IRS


2. PDL Assistance

Done. Spoke to Bobbi, who was very nice and helpful. Spent a long time on the phone with her and she took down info about everything I said above. She also gave me her direct extension.

3. The Texas Attorney General's Office

Done. Called both the state and local office in Dallas. Will be getting a complaint form to fill out about 1st IRS in a day or two, also got some other helpful numbers, such as the American Collector's Association (800-957-3328).

4. Texas Consumer Commission

Done. Spoke with Mark Baker, who was very helpful, and disgusted by the practices of 1st IRS. Got some helpful web addresses, such as and Got some good info, like the fact that my wages could not be garnished in this state unless it was for child support or by the IRS, etc.

5. Maybe Bud Hibbs. I see that 1st IRS isn't on his list yet, maybe they should be

Sorry, the rest of those wore me out. :)
Only so many people I can contact before and after work, during breaks and lunch. Maybe I'll get to him, and some of those other contacts today.

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kellerwerks kellerwerks

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I requested validation from Account Receivable Management of FL, all they sent me was a copy of my contract with some info highlighted. I contacted someone in the CT banking comission, faxed them the info I received & they actually called them up. I haven't heard from them since (knock on wood)

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dawnlango7 dawnlango7

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