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866-354-0567 - is this number belongs to Checksmart?

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My name jay i just have a hard time getting money to pay back the 2 loans that i took out with pdl in the amount of 395 for both loans, and i they kept calling me and telling me that i need to pay it off asap screaming at me calling me names what should i do? I do not want a felony on my record because im a full time student that play a role in my careers im from OH

Yes, Checksmart is an Ohio licensed company. They legitimately make payday loans and charge a larger fee because there is a percentage of borrowers that have no intention of keeping their word or having enough money in the bank to honor the check that is to be cashed on their next payday. Wouldn't you be a little angry if you loaned money to someone and couldn't find them to collect it? Hint: Borrow what you can afford to repay. Second Hint: Keep your word!

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i believe you can make a payment thru westerunion. the city code is redflagohio i would double check before you do that and then send as much as possible

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I have been receiving calls from this number. I have never been to checksmart. It is automated and I do not owe anyone. Any ideas?

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I'm dealing with thm as well. Right after I took out the loan with them I lost my job, and have had a really hard time getting a new one. I have not gotten the phone calls from them as the phone I have I had to give back to the company I worked for. The account was closed by te bank, and so I never got the notice that the check they had never cleared. At any rate that guy I just talked to is a jerk, I tried to explain this to him and he swore at me and then all out yelled at me, told me he was taking this to the courts today and that I would have to tell it to the judge and I would not even get to say anything to them about. I asked for his Supervisor and he refused to tell me who that was and told me he did not have one. He owned the place, and had no one to answer to. I never once yelled back at him or anything, I told him before he went off on me that I would have money in 2 weeks I start a new job and I have to get paid first before I can pay him anything. I asked him if I was suppose to call him back when I had the money or what and he said that if I called back all he would do is hang up on me, so how a I suppose to take care of it? Lord knows I need help with this. Oh and they put all phone numbrs but mine on this check so they are calling everyone but me and telling me I wrote the numbers on the check and I never did, the store did and I had nothing to do with the fact they put the wrong phone numbers on it.

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bityrock28 bityrock28

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I've dealt with Checksmart before and, in fact, was just a week late as of today. Here's the problem. We contacted the store and told them we would be late and would be in today to pay it, but they do NOT contact corporate. They called me today, I answered, they said nothing so I called them and explained to them what happened and told them that the money rolled through my account this morning and is in the process of getting to them. Nothing but nice and friendly towards me. So, my advice to anyone having problems is to call them.

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I'm friends with one of the girls that work at a Checksmart and she told me that their corporate office doesn't like to take payment arrangements b/c it makes the debt harder to collect on once they accept a portion of the debt. She told me at her store, she would accept payments as long as it was 1/3 of the total amount due.

I just wanted to share that with you b/c I know the corporate office will tell you they don't accept payments.

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I will. The woman I spoke with said to tell them I would file a complaint against them if they don't take payment arrangements because she said there is nothing in the PDL laws that says they can't take payment arrangements. They just don't want to.

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Good Luck and let us know what happens :D

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Well I called the Division of Financial Institutions and she told me to pay them what I could. She said they will give me a hard time about it but they wont turn down my money because that's what they want.

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Most more than likely they will tell you that they will not take payment arrangements. It just depends on who you might talk to when you call the corporate office. If you ask Checksmart themselves about payment arrangements, they will probably refer you to their corporate office. Their # is (866)354-0567. Their corporate office is very hard to deal with. I'm dealing with them myself and they will tell you they want payment in full b/c these collectors work off of commission and the more money they collect, the bigger their paycheck will be.

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brownsugar brownsugar

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