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Hello I've been having some problems with SRA Associate In NJ but I don't know how all this Started and it really bothers me so I would like to know the root of this whole situation I've been asked to pay $185 I don't why but I went to Bank of America which is the bank I had an account with and they told me my account has been closed. So what do you think is the best thing I can do. I spoke to one of the ladys over there and she told me if they did't pay 85% of the amount they would proceed to the next step Which I don't know what that is. Please tell me what I should do.

i had an $1300 negative balance with BOA and it was sent to collections from SRA. SRA settled with me for 1100 and they told me if i did not pay the next step was depending on the state law of NJ and how BOA is going to procede if it helps any I spoke with a lady named Gina Bernard. She was a very nice person to speak with..

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traci78 traci78

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Don't you think that you should first have something in writing from SRA that proves about the debt you owe to anyone and that they are authorized for collections? If SRA is collecting on behalf of BOA, you should call the bank and get more information.

Get the debt validated by SRA in writing. Read the FDCPAlaws and make yourself informed. You have every right to ask for the details before any action is taken against you. Send the DV letter CMRRR so that you have proof of your actions and throw the ball in their court. Now, the burden of responsibility will be put on them until they prove you with the debt details.

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a_neblat a_neblat

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If this is assigned to them,they are 3rd party and fall under fdcpa. Personally since I don't like being bothered with collectors,I would contact the bank and keep calling until I found someone with authority to make a settlement after they have given you a itemized bill of charges and why you were charged. If this relates to a checking account closure,you may have problems opening another checking account.Banks report to chexsystems on nsfs,over the limits on checking.
If they did report you to them, you have the right to a copy of your report.You also have the right to dispute incorrect information.In the future,please remember if you have problems with a bank account,you have the right to dispute any charges you are not in agreement.This type of account would be subject to the Fair Credit Billing Act & Electronic Fund Transfer Act,both being federal law.

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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in my case i have received letters from SRA re: my debt and i new how much i owed BOA and if i were to pay BOA directly i would of had to give them over $1300 but SRA was able to contact the bank and get me a settlement for $1100 ya it was alot but it cleared up my chexsystems and the negative balance was all do to BOA charging me $35 every time a PDL tried taking money out, but according to BOA even though they were illegal i still took the money so they couldn't help me the only thing they did was credit my accout a whole $165 from nsf fees but still ended up being $1100 but at least i can have a bank account know and no paying those high fees somewhere else to get money orders and cash checks

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traci78 traci78

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Well sra contacted me about 800 dollars I owe Dell. He said I had until Tuesday from Friday to pay 500 or the next step would be takin LOL what the hell does that even mean? He said if I didn't pay the 500 then Id end up owing 2 or 3 grand. Anyway I paid the 500 on Tuesday and he called me the next day saying I missed my 2 o'clock deadline. I'm pissed because I can put it on my life that he never gave me a specific time and I think this is extortion. What should I do cause I know they record these conversations

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i getting irrated by sra calling me every other day they want me to pay the 1,800 dollars in one lump sum i have other bills to pay i wish they would settle for less:twisted:

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I have a letter that states I owe $3,903. I have no idea where this debt comes from. ... and who is Jefferson Capital Systems (their client)

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