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Payday loan collection harrassment

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I need to know my rights. I received a call at 4:50pm on Feb. 1st, 2007 saying Henry Jay was an investigator and was filing check fraud charges against me first thing in the morning if I didn't pay $575 ASAP for a payday loan. I asked for the information and why I wasn't contacted earlier and he had no response. He just kept telling me that I would have my license showing a warrant and I needed to take care of it within 10 minutes. I live in MN. What are my rights? I can't find any information on this company (either the payday loan or the collector) but I have the phone number for the collector.

10 minutes? Wow, they're really tightening up on their deadlines. Usually the threat is "you need to pay us by 2 pm".

You are not guilty of check fraud. You are not going to be arrested, "processed", "downloaded", and you will not have any warrants on your license. You cannot be arrested or jailed for defaulting on a payday loan. If you could, almost all of of us on this forum would be in jail right now. Many of us here have been in your shoes - some deeper into the payday loan mess than others - but we've all found our way out, no matter how deep we were.

Can you give us some basic info on this company, and yourself, and we'll see what we can do to help you get this taken care of.

What company is this you're dealing with - how much was the loan for - how much have you paid - and what state do you live in? With that info, we can offer you some helpful advice.

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I don't have much to go on but the company he said the loan is through is Pan American Advance for $300. Henry Jay called 1-866-331-6161 x 207 but wouldn't give me anymore information.I am in MN. I don't know anything about this company.

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reckupjd reckupjd

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Was the company that was collecting for this debt called Bass and Associates or Jackson-Phillips? I'm asking because this is classic for them.

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kscornell kscornell
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Found something! Check these threads: l

This is a collection agency for a payday lender that appears to be just as shady as many others...and appears to possibly be linked to Hess & Kennedy.

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No one is coming to arrest you. They are throwing hot air. You have the legal rights to verify the collection company and their authorization to collect on your debt. First check if they are licensed in your state. All CAs must be licensed in the state where the borrower resides.

The debt collection company must also validate the account received from the loan company. If you haven't received anything in the mail, send a DV letter through certified mail with return receipt requested. They will be forced to give you the legit info and confirm about their authorization. It is your right to refuse any payments until you get confirmed about the collection practices of the CA.

Know more about your rights in this article. ml

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Johnson4485 Johnson4485

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I am at work and I just received a call, from some collection agency named PMI. They said I took out a payday loan in 2001 for 390 that went to a bank account I had, and Now I owe the money or risk being sued for the full amount which includes legal fees and other fees, which would total over 1000.
They then come back and say I was given the loan in 2002. So I asked them to give me some more info. such as, the lender, the agreement, the correct date I applied for the loan, and the date the loan was funded. they are refusing to send me this info, and are threatening to sue. They said we have your bank account number, your work info and your SSN.. I said those things are all over the internet since I applied for other loans and credit cards before...

what rights do I have. I mean 6-7 years ago. I really don't even remember getting a loan back then. And if they provide me any le4git info, I will gladly pay..

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You might want to change banks since they claim to have the info and might auto-debit account. Of talk to the bank and ask them if there is some way to stop an debits from being made.

SOL might have expired depending on what state you live in.

Also, was the loan from a store front or internet?

If they call back get their contact info so you can send them a DV letter.

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I got a call tuesday from a place called check resloutions (representing checkngo online) they told me something very similar about how if I didn't make arrangments they would file charges with the county I live in have me served at work as a bad check writer and possible arrested..... if I didn't agree to pay them immediatley.... I am curious if this is legal to leave a message on my cell about if I didn't respond I would risk being arrested and possible other legal actions they left the message ending saying I had been served... I know they can't garnish my wages (I am in texas) but do they really have this kind of authority or is it just the tactics of the collection agency... is it legal to leave messages like that? the loan is over 2 years old... granted I didn't pay it, but I really am in no position now to pay it either.. help thanks :roll:

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I hope you didn't delete that message on your cell phone--since it's proof that they made illegal threats to you. Did you take this loan out in a storefront or was it online? Work on paying back what you borrowed and report these people to your state Attorney General!

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kscornell kscornell
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Send a C&D letter asap.

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wssu92 wssu92

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