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Old judgement expired unpaid, is it considered outstanding?

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A credit card company was awarded a judgement against me 12 years ago. It expired without being paid. Credit has been excellent for the last 10 years and the judgement is not shown on any credit report. Is this considered an "outstanding" judgement and do I need to report it when applying for a mortgage?

Since your credit report is not showing the judgment, it won't hurt your credit score. If you inform your future creditor about this old judgment, it might have a negative impact. So don't do that.

But if your credit report starts showing it, you should contact your judgment creditor to fix the problem and work out some payment plans. Also check the SOL for judgment in your state. Judgments can be renewed too and it is subject to the state laws.

You can contact a lawyer to discuss the case specifically.

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4u.bryan 4u.bryan

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There is specific Statute of Limitations on oral or written contracts as well as on judgments.

It is clear that the said debt is past the SOL period and also the reporting time has passed as per the FCRA laws. So, you do not need to worry about it. But if there is a judgment against you, then the SOL will be different as per your state laws.

Keep checking your credit report and also inquire about it in the local clerk or recorder's office. You will know if there is any valid judgment against you.


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roxette roxette

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I have a lawyer's office calling to collect money for credit card company debit I owe. I don't have the money to pay the Lump sum or the down payment but I can pay $100 a month. I was told I could send the money and they would keep it but that doesn't mean the credit card company will not still do a judgment against me. Can they do that? What should I do?

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Hi bgkingery

This might be the case where the credit card company might have hired some lawyer to recover money from you. Tell your credit card company that you wish to work with them and will be making regular payments towards your accounts. But you don't wish to deal with any lawyers in this matter.

Forward a proposal plan to them and stick to it. Explain your financial situation so that they realize that you will be fulfilling these payments in spite of being in financial troubles.

Creditors have the rights to take legal actions at any point of time. But they won't do it if they can get money from you. In either ways, taking the matter to the court will not help them in getting their money faster. Moreover, there are court costs and other fees added with it.

So, I suggest you to talk to your lenders and make an arrangement. 90 out of 100 consumers are able to arrange payments with their lenders. You need to show your will and sincerity to them.

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ben ben

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My husband and I had a judgment on us by a private hospital in 1993. The SOL is up and we are not aware of them filing a renewal. Would they have to notify us of a renewal? We live at the same address. It does not show on our credit report. Are credit report is spotless.

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how do i find if a judgement has been renewed or min frce

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Contact the court of record and obtain a copy.

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