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What happens next after a judgment is made against me?

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If a judgment against me is granted by the judge in my upcoming trial for an unpaid credit card debt, what happens next?

I am unemployed so there is no wages to garnish and I have no bank account. Can they make my husband pay the judgment even if he is not involved in the case? His name is not on the credit card nor was he a co-signer on the card.

I do have a home and we are still paying a mortgage on it. Can they put a lien on the house or take our car? I am with a debt settlement program and am trying to pay all my debts through them. This is just one of several more credit cards that I am trying to pay off.

Can they force me into declaring bankruptcy? My main concern is that my husband is not held responsible for my debts and that his paycheck is not garnished. Thank you for any info.

Did you have the card before or during your current marriage?

If you compiled the debt during your marriage then the answer is yes. Marriage is like a partnership with each of you jointly liable for any debts incurred during the marriage.

Sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear. I will send you some links if you register and PM me. As far as taking your house or car? This is not Ireland. The judge will ask for a payment plan that your husband will be liable for. Hey you know its only money. Not worth ruining a marriage over.

If the card was before your marriage then I am not sure what will happen. If you cannot pay then I would imagine the CC co will have to eat it and your credit will be tarnished.

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Glynnie11 Glynnie11

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Your husband will not be held responsible to pay the debt unless you have co-signed with him in the loan agreement. The creditor might take the matter to the court by filing a case against you, but doing this, they will have very limited options against you.

Take contract of the settlement program in the court. Since this account is not included in the program, the judge will ask you to pay it through easy monthly installments. He will analyze your monthly income and expenses before finalizing the payment plan.

When the matter reaches the court, show your appearance there. It is very important for you to be there otherwise the judge will think that you are trying to avoid the payments and hence, won't make decisions favorable to you.

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john john

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John, thank you for your reply. This credit card is included in the debt settlement program. I had 8 credit cards which I submitted to the debt settlement program and this is one of them. One of the 8 has already been settled, so there are 7 more including this credit card. Will the judge take that into consideration?
Thank you for your kind attention.

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As this account is included in the settlement program, you hold a bit of beneficial position. The judge will understand that you have been successful in paying off one of the accounts through the program. All you require is to show your concern and willingness to pay the debt. Since you have hired a settlement company, it is their responsibility to pay off your creditors. As long as you can afford to send them money each month, things will be in perfect control. Try to get a second job as early as possible because that will help you in rolling your monthly expenses and also take care of your debt accounts.

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john john

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A court order has been filed against me for a
$3000 credit card debt,which was initially around
$800,just accumulated ridiculous fees.I want to settle it before it goes to a judge.What is a reasonable option?I don't own a home and I am self-
emplyed,but I could make monthly payments.

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Nina, if you looking forward towards some professional help, take control on this account immediately before it gets a legal shape. The consultant will be able to negotiate with your creditors for a reduced amount. They will also get deeper into the fact on how it summed up to $3000 before you sent any money towards the account.

You don't need to own a home for using a consolidation program. You can pay off the account by making easy monthly installments. Also, most of the late payment fees will be waived off from the total amount after enrolling in the program. Thus, you will be offered an amount that will be much easier to pay till the debt is paid off.

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john john

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