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is Equifax safe?

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I would be really happy if you help me answer the questions.
I tried to place a fraud alert using Equifax online form. They ask you to give your SSN, date of birth and other personal information. So now I am having doubts if it was a good decision, because maybe hackers can have an access to my information.

And also I tried to call their phone number 8887660008, and the same story, they asked for my SSN. How safe is it? Now I am getting a bit paranoid with all these ID theft stories and I can't sleep or eat well.

It is very strange that when I submitted my information trough their site they said they are unable to complete the process and need me to send my documents by post. The same response I got when trying to place a fraud alert by phone. Please, help! Is it safe what I have done or not?

Thank you in advance for paying attention to this problem


Sub: #1 I can understand why you're
Tue, 02/05/2013 - 20:35

I can understand why you're paranoid. The identity-theft issues are rampant in the country. You never know when you'll become a victim of identity-thefts.

As far as Equifax is concerned, I don't think you've anything to worry. They ask you to confirm your personal information for a valid reason.


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Sub: #2 RENEE
Wed, 11/13/2013 - 08:53

do you even think?it is really easy to access a credit report these days,but placing a fraud alert is a good idea,but not a guarantee.

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