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FIA Card Services - What are the key complaints against them?

FIA Card Services, National association is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of America Corporation. Based in Wilmington, Delaware, FIA Card Services processes credit cards on behalf of Bank of America.

However, customers/debtors do not seem to be satisfied with FIA credit card services. That's what can be found from their feedback about the company in our forums. Check out the topic given below to know what the customers are saying about FIA Card Services:

  • FIA Card Services - Why are debtors complaining?
  • FIA Card Services - Why are debtors complaining?

    Here's what they have to say about FIA Card Services:

    • FIA and fake authorization: FIA is reported to have taken out money from consumer accounts without their authorization. They have been doing this in 2 ways:
      1. FIA has faked phone-authorized checks with the customer's bank account name and account number in order to remove money from the checking account.
      2. FIA is reported to have written an unauthorized check from a customer's account, used his address and account numbers, and changed his last name to someone else's first name in order to withdraw money illegally from the customer's account.
    • Tapping personal accounts: FIA Card Services is said to have withdrawn money from the personal accounts of those who've used their services even when they haven't been late on payments. For instance, they withdrew $2000 from a debtor's personal account when he was only behind by $470.
    • Payment plan disputes: FIA card services and Bank of America seems to be involved in payment plan disputes as well. For instance, they may offer you a payment plan if you're unable to pay off your student credit card debt. But FIA may suddenly stop withdrawing payment out of your account and send you a letter stating that they need you to restructure payments.

      Now, when you call up the company to verify whether they need you to restructure payments, they might say that you should simply ignore the letter. If you're unlucky, well then, after 2 weeks when you're still waiting for their response, you may find yourself charged with late fees and penalty simply because you haven't restructured payments. But it isn't your fault because you've been asked to ignore the letter by the company representative.
    • High fees: Debtors complain about FIA Card Services creating transactions (without notice) that may result in high fees.

    If you've been dealing with FIA Card Services, and you need legal help, you should contact an attorney or file a complaint with the FTC ("") and your State Attorney General. If you've been through a bad experience with the company, feel free to post below and share your experiences with the community here.

    How can you contact FIA card services?

    You can contact customer care service of FIA at:

    • FIA Card Services
    • P.O Box 982237
    • EI Piaso, TX 79998-2237
Got my checking account statement today, and found...
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Got my checking account statement today, and found a "check payment" that I didn't recognize that was debited from the account. I went to my bank and found it was FIA Card Services. I do have a B of A credit card account with them which I unfortunately haven't been able to pay as agreed. My checking account is with a different bank (not B of A).

The sent me a letter last month, "confirming my conservation agreeing" to a settlement offer with graduated, increasing payments. I have had NO phone conservations or other correspondence with them. I didn't respond or authorize them to take any money out of my account, as I can't afford the ballooning payments.

But they somehow faked a phone-authorized check, with my bank's name and account number on it, which my bank accepted.

I have been making small, "good faith" payments with them, but with money orders. I did use the checking account to make payments when I was able to stay current with payments. But I have another checking account, with another bank, that I had used as well and they didn't mess with that one.

I have filed a fraud complaint with my bank, and I may have to close the account there.

I have two other B of A accounts that were charged off and sold to collection agencies. I don't know why they are treating this one differently, except that it was originally a Fleet account that was taken over by MBNA, which was then taken over by B of A.

I have a credit card linked to the checking account with overdraft protection, on which I am staying current, and which has space available on it for the total amount they want. I suspect they must somehow know this?

I can't believe this is legal. My guess is that someone in collections was desperate for a commission and stepped over the line?

Do the creditors have a way to find out what bank accounts you have (even if you have never used it to pay them), and whether they are linked to credit cards with overdraft protection?

Any advice would be appreciated.

DO WE LOOK LIKE FIA??? What does it say at the top of this page???????

Sub: #1 posted on Tue, 04/16/2013 - 07:20

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I would like to have a copy of the 1099C that you sent to IRS in 2012 My e-mail is CONTACT INFORMATION REMOVED

Sub: #2 posted on Tue, 04/16/2013 - 05:45


FIA cannot just "add" people ....they can be added by the primary holder to become authorized users...however authorized users have no legal liability to pay the account. If your father was not on the account when it was opened, he has no legal liability. cannot remove anyone...your father will have to call FIA and take care of this.

Sub: #3 posted on Sun, 04/07/2013 - 04:21

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FIA added my fathers name to my mother's credit card account without his concent. Now I can't remove it and he will be responsible when she passes. I think they do this when the account holders get elderly in case one passes and then they can get their money. My parents are in their 90's.

Sub: #4 posted on Sat, 04/06/2013 - 21:49


Thank you exactly what I think.

Sub: #5 posted on Sun, 03/31/2013 - 04:13


Last week, I attempted to open a secured credit card with BOA. I opened a checking account also, with a $2600 deposit. The bank officer filled out the paper work, so that $100 remained in the checking, and $2500 was to be used as the collateral on the Secured card. I did this to rebuild my credit history. I was forced to file for bankruptcy, due to a 9 year illness. I explained all this to the bank officer. It took over an hour, but I figured this was my best option. Today I got a nasty-gram turn down letter from BOA and FIA services. They claimed that I was being turned down for the secured credit card due to my previous bankruptcy!! No s__t Sherlock! Why do you think I am willing to give you $2500 interest free for at least two years! The whole purpose of the secured cad was to help you rebuild from new or bad credit!! I am pulling my money out Monday Morning!

Sub: #6 posted on Sun, 02/10/2013 - 14:14


Since when do they have to provide you with a W-9?? Never heard of any such law. Quote it please.

Sub: #7 posted on Sat, 02/02/2013 - 21:33

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We are a company that does buisness with these people

Heads up everybody I called to get a copy of their

completed W-9 form required by state tax law and they gave me

the run around and denied me. We will see what the IRS has

to say. Unreal is all I can say

Sub: #8 posted on Fri, 02/01/2013 - 21:37


I have been receiving calls from these people looking for someone else. I have repeated several times on the phone that I do not know the person. That I have had this number for about 5-6 months. But FIA still continues to call my number to find this person. How many times do I have to tell them "WRONG NUMBER!"? I have decided that If I receive one more call for a third time from FIA looking for the person I don't know. I'm Filing complaints up the Whazoo with the BBB and FTC about it.

Sub: #9 posted on Tue, 01/29/2013 - 22:19


Did you ever get the agreement in writing?? You dont have a leg to stand on without it.

Sub: #10 posted on Wed, 01/23/2013 - 07:10

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