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I have HSBC on my DM program with T&C and they are still charging me over-the-limit fees of $30 a month. I'm currently $180 over the limit. I called them myself and offered to get the account under limit by paying $150 in two payments if they would waive at least two of the OTL fees for June and July and they refused. They are only getting $15 a month and they're charging me $30 in fees. Sometimes they charge two OTL fees for $60 a month. How am I supposed to get them paid off at this rate? T&C said they are supposed to reage the account. When I started with T&C in January I owed them around $300, now I owe them almost $500! I'm tempted to let them take me to court so I can show the judge I've been trying to pay them, but they won't cut me any slack with these fees. The other credit cards have all worked with T&C but not HSBC. Anyone else have any experience with them?

HSBC are real jerks. They will not accept your proposal so easily. They can take you to the court even for a small reason. You must do everything that makes your point stronger. Don't let them hold against you for any reason. Be regular in your payments. ml ml l

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GunsNroses GunsNroses

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HSBC is the most difficult company to work with. They took me to court claiming they weren't receving payments. T&C got a copys of the checks they had cashed and they lied so much. It is our attorneys hands now. The lawyer representing HSBC violated laws by threatening a lien on our home and I later found out with help from this site that they can't legally put a lien on propery on unsecured debt.

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Not so Lucky Not so Lucky

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I have this company on my debt settlement program and they have been contacted by my company. They no longer call me at home, they contact my debt settlement company now because I was able to change all that info on my statements with them. I'm revamping my program so I can pay them off faster. You would think they would at least take your offer so the account can get caught up a little bit. I know when I was with T &C, they refused my proposals because I was current with them. I know they also refuse when people are behind in payments. It seems to be a lose, lose situation when dealing with HSBC. :cry:

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Cow & Chicken Cow & Chicken

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Now you guys are worrying me...I was behind with HSBC, by not much, maybe $200.00 and they were calling me and I told them that T&C would be faxing them a proposal. They got the proposal from what they say and they sent it back. I haven't heard from them since I told them about the proposal. But reading this is making me worry that they will send me to court b/c I am still behind? What are your thoughts? I've been in constint contact with them via email updating them on everything.

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brylvr brylvr

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Keep sending your letters so that you can prove your attempts made towards paying off this account. If sending some money in advance works, try to approach them with this move also.

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andyyoung andyyoung

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risapol---HSBC will continue to accept from T&C even if they have not accepted your proposals. If you are not current with your HSBC account, they will not accept the proposal until you are---then they want a certain percentage (can't remember the amount)of the balance as a monthly payment.

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Lorri Lorri
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HSBC is very inconsistent in the way they deal with people. Lots of people have had really bad experiences with them and others not so bad or even good. I think the real problem is that they have "bought" so many different credit cards that they've become this giant who doesn't care about anyone.

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CycloneFan CycloneFan

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I am wondering. How are they able to stay withing the allowable interest rates with all the fees? I was 2 days late and they changed me $60. 30 for being late and 30 for being overlimit which I wasn't until the 30 late fee was added.

In my State the limit is 25%, so how can they get around this? They charge more than PDL's.

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Glynnie11 Glynnie11

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Well I got a call from HSBC last night and I paid the payment that I was behind with them. I was just tired of the calls and that will also alleviate the over charges once T&C starts paying them. I am just glad that's taken care of.

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brylvr brylvr

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This IS weird. I was over the limit when I added them to my ACCC dmp & there was no problem at all.
How can they not be consistent? Do you guys think state differences have anything to do w/ it?

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lgall lgall

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