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How does one deal with a collection agency on a defaulted title loan? This happened to me beyond my control. The rep who is assigned to my account isn't allowing me to work it out. How do I handle this? Can it be handled? She keeps saying "we need to square this away", which I am not understanding what she means by this and gets mad at me cuz I'm confused. I can't seem to get a simple yes or no on whether they will work with me. Just being told to get money from friends and family, which is can't. Then she told me to get the money out of my 401k. Any advice?

I think they are scammers. Ask them to validate the debt in writing via certified mail with a return receipt request. If they don’t give any valid proof, then forward them a Cease and Desist letter. Don’t make any payments without a valid proof.

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Its not a scam. I do owe this debt. I just want to repay it back but just can't seem to get anywhere with this lady.

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did she say how much it will take?because once a title loan goes into default they can take the car.i would just be a little more diplomatic.ask how much if not the entire balance what is she asking for?let her know how much you can come up with.if she is still being unreasonable talk to a supervisor,or manager.bottomline a title loan goes to default if you are a month,or more behind.if it takes dealing with someone else do it.

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