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What happens when a laywer wins a Judgment against me? Can he freeze my bank account?

Civil judgement in a legal context, is synonymous with the formal decision made by a court following a lawsuit. At the same time the court may also make a range of court orders, such as imposing a sentence upon a guilty defendant in a criminal matter, or providing a remedy for the plaintiff in a civil law matter.

In the United States, under the rules of civil procedure governing practice in federal courts and most state courts, the entry of judgment is the final order entered by the court in the case, leaving no further action to be taken by the court with respect to the issues contested by the parties to the lawsuit. With certain exceptions, only a final judgment is subject to appeal

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Yes, if there is a judgement against you they can freeze your account or garnish your paycheck.

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If I lose a civil case and do not appeal can structured payments be made if the decision does not spell this out?

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You could make an offer to the creditor and see if they accept it. That offer could be anything from lump sum to monthly payments or any combination. The creditor does not have to accept and still has rights to collect on the judgment.

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if my wife has a civil judgement against her do I have to pay if she has no income

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most likely "no"
absolutely "not" if your name or Social Security number was never used.

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I had a default judgment placed on me but the Plaintiff has told me that he will not file the default so it will not runi my credit as long as I make payment arrangements with him. If the judgement is never filed do I truely have to accept payment arrangments or am I free to try an fight it.

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im not sure how to answer the above post, scince im not sure if they can do that or not. but i know from my experience i had a judgement against me and i had no income so they put a lein on my home. i live in a no garnish state so you may consider if your state is that way too, so if it is you can rule out that scenerio, also the judge can schedule a payment schedule according to what you can afford, but if your name or ss is not on any of those cards then you cannot be held liable for them. there are many things that can be done when you have lost a judgement. usually the judge will explain to you what these terms are before you leave and what will or could happen if you do not follow these terms

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So the court awarded the judgement? If so, it is now a matter of public record and may end up on your reports regardless of what the Plaintiff claimed. Please provide more details. Did you show up in court?

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Even if people can garnish your wages and freeze your bank accounts after a judgment, surely there is a limit, right? I mean, you have to be able to pay for rent and food and stuff like that. They can't just clean you out and take everything so you lose your home, can they?

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