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Update time. Recently my youngest son has turned 7 and I had my 13th wedding anniversary as well. I am still looking for employment and I have one last shot at a job I want before I take a job that will just make ends meet this Tuesday. If it doesn't work out I'm going to take my own advice I've handed to debtors many times over.. go work where you know you can get a job 100%.

The problem with my last two interviews was that I made too much money at my last job. I was happy to take a pay cut and I told them it would be no problem at all. I don't think they thought I would be happy with their company b/c the pay cut was over 4 dollars an hour. I didn't even tell them about the commision I used to make because with that figured in I would be losing a lot more per hour.

In the applications I don't even put in a salary requirement b/c I figured out that it was a no no around here. I thought Salary Desired was what you would like to make and they would tell you what they would pay you but aparently they think it means this is what I want and I won't work for you unless you paid me that.

Hello FYI,

Sorry to hear that you are struggling to find a job even when you are more than capable of getting one. Now-a-days, the job market has become a tough one and it is quite scary to know that enough efficient person like you too finding it tough to land a job.

But never lose hope....because...If there is a Will, there is a Way.

The best part of all is that you have a wonderful family to support you in your low-times when you need them so much. In addition, we Debtcc community memebers are here by your side too.

Wish you a very happy 13th Wedding anniversery (in advance) and also wish you a wonderful life ahead.

Jason :)

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Jason Jason

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FYI, I definitely agree with Jason's sentiments: I'm sure with your skills, qualifications, and desire to succeed, you will find that perfect job before you know it. Just don't get disheartened or feel discouraged in the interim.

Man, I felt like I'd been hit in the head when you posted about the experience with potential employers and your salary "requirements." I always cringed when I responded to an ad for a job and the first sentence of the ad asked you to reply with your salary requirements; most companies use that as the first round of the screening process. They must feel if you made more at your last job, you might not be happy with what they offer. Even if you have been unemployed for a lengthy period and would probably be willing to accept just about anything.

The way I looked at it, if the potential employer seems to be more worried about how little they can pay an employee (rather than something so trivial as, oh say, job skills, education, knowledge, drive, achievements, etc.) then I wouldn't want to work for them.

Once trick I learned, I think I read about it on the internet somewhere, was to respond to inquiries about salaries with a "it's negotiable" type of statement; not actually telling them what you would like to make or how much you make/made at your last job. Especially if they ask for it in the job advertisement of even the first interview. And if they do bring up the fact you might not be happy with what they are offering for the position, I always responded with a "if I'm hired to do a job, I do the best job I can regardless of the pay" type of BS answer.

It's all a game, the company tends to BS you during the interview, and you in turn BS them during the interview. If your BS ends up wowing them, over all the other BS they heard from other applicants, you got the job!

Funny thing, in the third and final interview with my soon-to-be employer, they finally got around to the "salary requirement" question. I cringed when I advised him what I had made at my last job, and saw him jot it down on his notes and the resume' I had given him. I figured that was it, I'd probably never hear from them again.

So imagine my surprise when I was offered the position at substantially more than that!

You could have knocked me over with a feather!

So you never know, something you least expected and pleasantly surprising might be waiting right around the corner for you.

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FloridaRon FloridaRon

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Good advice Ron, I would never have thought to put down "negotiable" about salary. I will have to remember that, because you don't want to shoot them a high expecting wage or even a low expecting wage, that I think it is an unfair question and kind of puts you on the spot.

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ladybug ladybug

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Yeah, I forget where I read that. I am sure, however, it was within the past year, as I have been reading every kind of hint or tip on job hunting and interview questions I could get my hands on for the past year.

The Internet is a great resource for those kinds of tips. Not that they are "cookie cutter" fits to all particular situations; however, you can take the message they are trying to get across and tailor it to your particular needs.

The questions of my lengthy unemployment and health problems were very difficult for me. I was reluctant to tell any potential employer any specifics about my situation as my past employer made my health problems common knowledge to all my co-workers, without my consent.

Which, correct me if I'm wrong, is illegal.

A co-worker called me one day, when I was out on the 3 months disability, to tell me she had heard my supervisor playing a VM I had left for her that day to a co-worker and laughing and making a big joke about it. I guess I must have sounded groggy from medication when I called, as I was asking an important question about my paycheck.

I failed to see how she could have found any humor in it at all, much less playing it for a co-worker.

When I called HR to file a complaint, their response was that my supervisor and the other employee had denied it. Then I responded by advising the person that told me what was going on sat right outside my supervisors office. I was also sure she had no problem recognizing my voice as I have left her a number of VM's relating to work in the past and was positive she couldn't have made a mistake. And I guess they were missing the most important part: how did she even know I had left a VM for my supervisor that particular day? I sure had not told her, she was the one that called me to tell me what was going on.

The HR director got kind of pissy with me at that point and I advised her it had to be illegal for my supervisor, or anyone else at that company, to make my health situation common knowledge to my co-workers. I was also reasonably certain if I or the woman that advised me of what my supervisor was doing was retaliated against, I would definitely be consulting an attorney to find out about my rights regarding this.

I could tell my days were numbered after that conversation.

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FloridaRon FloridaRon

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I know I am thinking about rejoining the work force after being on disability for three years...but how do you answer that question "what have been doing all this time, when you don't dare disclose your current health status". :roll: Whenever I have disclosed in my three previous employments that I had MS I was fired for "poor work perfomance" within a different agency than I originally was in...yeah right I really believe that considering I was employee of the year in 1999 with my previous employer, the state government agency that I worked and lived in for 7 years.

I have a feeling that I have been "black balled" out of any positions in my state government as I had filed complaints with the worthless as T***ts on a bull NEOC against the two agencies, one of which is, get this, Health & Human Service of all places where I originally started working in 1995 which at that time was Department of Social Services.... :twisted: at, :twisted:....

I can't survive on the measly $1,028.00 I get a month on disability and I am only 42. :twisted:

I just need advice on how to go about answering those questions if I am lucky enough for an interview is all.

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ladybug ladybug

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Ron I totally agree on the "negotiable" answer I can not tell you how many aps I have personally "roundfiled" (trash can because new aps priced themselves out of a call-back or even a second look)...i.e.----if a job is paying $10 an hour to start and you put $12 starting salary are out of the running automatically..however if you get called in for an interview and you can in person represent yourself and let it be know why you are worth more if you get hired...that is what counts--ALWAYS put negotiable on salary requirement Always!!!
Lady if you have only been on disability for 3 years I would fib a bit..tell them your husband was making a great salary and wanted you to stay at home but with the economy being the way it is are forced back into the work force..hopefully they wont check your background..and believe me..if you make a good impression at interview many employers won't check into your happens every day good luck to you!

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The questions of my lengthy unemployment and health problems were very difficult for me. I was reluctant to tell any potential employer any specifics about my situation as my past employer made my health problems common knowledge to all my co-workers, without my consent.

Which, correct me if I'm wrong, is illegal.[/quote]

Got it in one, my friend. That's a HIPAA violation [federal], and reasonably serious, at that. It's very likely also a violation of one or another state law, and almost certainly various company policies, as well. In your shoes, I'd have been on them like a cheap suit.

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unclewulf unclewulf
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Thanks guest, I am just a little hesistant and paranoid about trying to go back to work to tell you the truth, however I am still applying and hoping for an interview all at the same time.

Oh well, I guess if it is meant to be it will be.

Sub: #8 posted on Tue, 07/08/2008 - 00:00

ladybug ladybug

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Well good news. I was offered a job pending drug and background check (all will clear fine). It isn't the job I am excited for BUT it's a job and a decent paying job as well. The schedule will allow me to search for other employment as well.

It won't start until the end of the week and I have a job interview tomorrow. If I get a better offer I'll take it but it will be a longer commute than the one I was just offered so it needs to be decent.

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sounds like things are turning around for you my friend i'm so
happy for you. :D :D 8) 8)

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paulmergel paulmergel
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