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I keep getting calls from this number 216-644-1249 and when I call back voicemail is full and says to call back. they are calling my employer saying there is a warrant out for my arrest!! what do I need to do to get this to stop???

for one stop calling the number!have everyone at your work just hang up on them.they will tire of the click.

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There are numerous complaints out on the phone number and company. File a complaint with your state AG's office and the FTC!!!

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I have received harrassing calls from a company called a Goldman & Asdociates claiming to have me arrested or served on my job for a payday loan they said I took out back in 2006. They would not give me there address or any other verifiable information other than the name of the payday company named Quick Payday. I asked them to give me the contact information to the payday and they refused. I also asked for their address Goldman & Associates and they also refused. They said I had till a certain time that day to pay or make a payment arrangement or they file the warrant or summons with the police dept in my jurisdiction. I have since filed a police report. I was informed by the police dept that this was a scam and that the police do not arrest individuals for debt or serve individuals on debt issues. But that a true debt collector can only sue you in civil court by means of a magistrate by way of mail. Has anyone heard of this company called Goldman & Associates? There phone number is 414-882-2174. The persons name who called was Michelle Davis.

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Obviously since you found a thread other people are having the same issue. Ignore them.

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