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I have a question, my spouse has BOA debt the original amount she owed was 10K and now since its been sold to CACH LLC, it has multiplied to 25K, and she is currently being sued by CACH LLC.
We are seperated and she lives in another state and currently has no JOB and her family and I are supporting her with minor bills.

She currently does not own anything in her name
Bank Accounts
Credit Cards.

I have been receiving notices from the court and even the sherif has showed up here and asking and looking for her.

based on the information i have provied, if she does not go to the court
and if the Judge grants in favor of CACH LLC,

what can CACH LLC get out of her?

I don't think she will own anything since she has no JOB?

lastly this debt was owed before we got married and I was helping her pay it off but never it was on my name

am i liable to pay this off for her since we are not legally divorced?

Please answer these questions for me

If the credit card was in her name only, then you are not liable for her debts. She could do a pre-emptive strike and see a bankruptcy lawyer and have the debt forgiven under bankruptcy. The court most likely will give the creditor a judgement since she's not working. If she ever goes back to work, they can attach her wages. I would be worth a free consultation to a bankruptcy attorney. She most likely would be able to "clear the decks" of any debt, including medical bills, utilities etc.

We did this with our daughter and everything was wiped off, past due electric bill, phone bill and several credit cards.

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aubrey aubrey
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I appreciate your help and I would like to chat with you regarding this issue.
I will pm you soon.

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mindspan mindspan

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