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I received a 1099 from Younkers in 2004 and now they are reporting to the credit bureau about 4 times a month stating that the account is in collections. I disputed it and they are still reporting. I need contact info so I can send a validation letter and I would like to give them a call too. Any help would be appreciated.

Did you dispute the item with HSBC or with the credit bureau?

I think you should dispute the item with the CRA and ask for the results of their investigation done. They cannot continue to report the item if it is not valid. The CRA will give you their contact info and the specifics of the item in case they decide to report the item on your credit copy.

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I disputed it with the credit bureau and they notified me saying they proved it was my debt. I went on younkers website and emailed them. They said they are looking into it and asked if I would call them. Should I call them...also ... Is it legal to report it to my credit report several times a month? I told them I would be contacting an attorney shortly if they do not clear up this matter. I don't have a mailing address to dispute with HSBC. They never contacted me, just report it to the CB

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Rochelle Rochelle

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Rochelle contact the credit bureau by phone and ask them for contact info on this creditor.They are required by the Fcra to provide MOV(Method of Verification) to consumer when requested to include contact info.

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thank you.
do you know if there is a law concerning how many times they can report in one month or week. It also looks like they reaged my account

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Rochelle Rochelle

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Rochelle read the second hyperlink in my signature,it is the fair credit reporting act.That laws regulates everything on our credit reports.

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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i borrowed money from hsbc paying for 1 is possible to pay continuesly if im outside of the country?..or is they have a penalty or impresonment if im not pay?..

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