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How can I get the idiots to stop calling. They repeatedly call for a supposed PLD that is a) over 5 years old b) illegal in SC since the original lender does not have a physical presence in SC c) this agency cant collect in SC - again no license or physical presence d) civil statue of limitations is 3 years, d) original debt of 500 dollars cost my wife (and me by proxy) over 2500 in ACH collected fees. I can go on and on.... They call from multiple numbers always the same story.... Someone will be at your residence tomorrow between 9-4 with legal documents. I've told them everything from stop calling, to please show up as you will be charged with trespassing, to I'd love nothing more than to have a representative of your company in a court of competent jurisdiction in my state.

How can I get them to stop calling??????


Have you sent them a cease and desist IN WRITING like the law states???? You cannot cease them verbally.

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I just got a call. They do nothing but argue and threaten you that you are going to be served papers. They want me to give them my personal info. They claim they have it and need me to verify it. Now I am told a process server will be here within 72 hours. I told them about the scam reports on the internet and they said " do you think people would talk good about us" This guy who was apparently a "director" would not even tell me what it was about. Scumbags

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Hang up the phone. Stop feeding the tolls.... Or dont answer when you do not recognize the phone number!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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