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Has anyone heard of Simon Associates (unsure of this name as usual person could barely speak english) or phone numbers 949-743-1156 or 856-831-0640? If so, who are these people? They are claiming the same crap as Bass Associates, the dowloading your information yady yady but however they don't tell you what they are downloading with the exception of some 3 counts of internet banking fraud on behalf of the good ol US national bank and that you need to have your attorney contact them they don't tell you what it is you supposedly owe or to who you owe. Has anyone ever had their attorney contact one of these people. I haven't heard from anyone in approx. two years, I found you and contacted our AG's office who phoned who was then Prelitigation Services/Bass Associates and now these jokers are calling. What gives!

856-831-0640 is a New Jersey number, 949-743-1156 is a California number. That's about all the information I could come up with on these numbers. Perhaps someone else with have more info for you, hang tight.

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Shazzers Shazzers
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They to have contacted me and stated they were going to have me arrested if I didn't pay them on 5/6/08. I told them I could only pay 200 per month on a $4700 payday loan which they wouldn't provide me the name of the company. They told me that wasn't good enough I had to pay at least $1200.00 that day. I said I would call them back and I haven't. They have called me everyday this week trying to get me to pay. They are in violation of the law as they are threating with criminal action for a debt. Which they can't do according to my bankruptcy attorney. If you get anymore info on them please let me know. Thanks.

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What company gave you a pay day loan for 4700.00. Are you sure it is not some sort of installment loan?

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kashzan kashzan

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The orginal loan was for $350.00 they are now stating it is $4700 to pay it off.

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Which they can't do according to my bankruptcy attorney.

Have you filed a bankrupcty? And did you include the PDL in your BK petition? If so, then they definitely cannot be trying to make you pay it. Your BK attorney can file for sanctions with the court.

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DebtCruncher DebtCruncher
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any payday lender loaning $350 and then claiming you owe $4700 is operating illegally - I can almost guarantee you that.

Stop and think about what the interest rate must be on that loan....there's no way that would be legal. And the dollar amount of the loan itself sounds like one of the online pdl companies, who routinely loan between $200 and $400 and then try to make you pay forever...

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I was getting calls from 856-831-0640, eventually they stopped, but now I am getting calls from 786-866-2982. Same thing, very thick indian accent advising me that my attorney needs to call or there will be 3 allegations filed against me in CT. So I filed complaints against them with the FTC, FBI, FL attorney General & the CT attorney general. I love this website, its been very helpful in dealing with these creeps.

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dawnlango7 dawnlango7

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I JUST NOW got that same message from that number and I hwas almost roped into this once before earlier this year but I did'nt call the, back either and now the same place is harrassing me once again. They are also trying to use scare tactics on me and it is also the same number and heavy indian accent. We have to STOP this folks. What can be done. Anyone know?

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They are illegal scammers and thieves ask them to validate the debt in writing if they cannot then they have to stop calling. I have reported them to the FL attorney generals office and next the FBI. They also threaten to have people arrested and that is illegal too.

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