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Who the hell is BCR and why are they so sketchy?

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I just google BCR because today was the first call I have recieved...I do have a past due account with Cingular for about what they are asking me for, BUT, I had already recieved a call from another agency about it, and am currently speaking with an attorney to disput the amount due/split responsibility with the other person on the account.
I am a past telemarketer/etc and found them to be highly unproffesional and not really very convincing. When I mentioned i was taking the balance to civil court and therefore couldn't discuss payment, she asked me who the other person was that I was going after and they would hold them responsible for half the amount...(I don't think they can do that ?) meanwhile, she was too eager to get my account info over the phone and refused to give me a physical address to send a money order or check, with the lame excuse that over the phone would be SAFER as they "lose alot of money orders ." when i responded that i wasn't comfortable and that her agency could just be a scam for all i knew, she said she wouldn't want to get fired over $100 . (then i pointed out that with my account info, it wouldn't necessarily be just $100) again she asked me if i could WESTERN UNION it to her, and pretty much threatened to keep calling until i start making payments. I have other bills in collections (healthcare related mind you) and am no stranger to working with these people, BUT, I have never dealt with anyone so sketchy.

Who do we report this to? Better Business, or the police? Is this a legitimate agency with fishy origins that companies are using like strongarms or did these people get ahold of info that should be private?

They are a collection agency. Did they send you any info on this debt? They are bound by laws to send all specifics that confirms about their authorization.

Don't give out your checking info in any way. You still have no idea whether they are doing a genuine collection and you don't want your personal info go to the wrong place.

Did you contact Cingular about this?

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Howard Howard

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I also received a call from a collection agent at BCR about a past due balance at Cingular, which Cingular knows nothing about!! They are telling me that I don't owe anything, and this guy from BCR keeps calling saying I owe almost $500! He called again yesterday and said "you are stupid if you won't pay this because it's going to go on your credit report" I couldn't believe he talked to me like that. Then I asked him why Cingular (AT&T) said that I owed nothing and he said "their operators must be dumb" I tried to call the number and ask to speak to a manager, but they transfer me and nobody ever picks up. They are definately sketchy!

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