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Anyone know this number? I am trying to find info and can't.. 1-800-706-3401 It's the number they left on my answering machine but no name of company...

This number belongs to Financial Credit Services. They are a collection agency. According to the BBB, they have an unsatisfactory record due to the number of complaints.

If this number is calling you, the best plan is to inquire about their phone calls. Once you've established the reasoning behind their phone calls, then you can take appropriate action.

I've provided some additional information, if it is needed.

Financial Credit Services
4801 Emerson Avenue #112
Palatine, IL 60067-0504
Fax: 847-925-2050

EDIT: This is a collection agency. So remember they need to follow the fdcpa laws. If you feel your rights have been violated, file a complaint.


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Teleport Teleport

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Thanks so much for the info. Yes, they are the same people calling me from the "Zombie Debt" thread about my 15 year old car repo... They never gave me the name of the company so now I can send a validation letter and a letter for them to stop calling me. Thanks again..


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danceingmom2 danceingmom2

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15 year old repo, where they took my car, and now keep calling for 12,000 dollars. My dad says forget aboutit, they took your car. Either produce the car or move on! and by the way, they even speak english.

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I received a letter from FCS with the above number on it to call regarding an outstanding balance owed from a retailer. The last time I frequented the retailer was over two decades ago and there was never a judgment against me. Ironically, about 6 months ago I kept receiving threatening and menacing messages on my answering machine regarding my delinquent account with the above retailer. I finally called them back and felt that it was a total racket. Immediately following, I googled the number that I had contacted and found thousands of people in the same situation as me: somebody calling them from that exact number claiming that they had owed money, when they didn't. However, the only peculiar thing is the number I was calling 6 months ago was some other number in Atlanta, Georgia. Apparently, 1-800-706-3401 is a number in Palatine, Illinois (or at least according to this letter from FCS that I recently received). I SMELL A RAT!

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My husband recently received something from them from over 10 years ago (which is now considered an uncollectable debt by means of law suit), my husband was in the service when this debt was incurrred and had forgotten all about it.

They did threaten suit for this, if a payment of $100 was not made same day and a balance of $800 in 2 weeks. My husband and I not know the complete laws complied. Well, come to find out they were in the wrong b/c it is a time barred debt (meaning not collectable in court).

I smell a rat too...and I am stopping payment tomorrow morning for the $800.

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