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1-866-645-1661 - Has anyone dealt with My Cash Now?

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I got this letter today via email from CPD:-



Credit Protection Depot


We have received information from your bank that you have closed the account, which you authorized to be debited in order to repay your legally binding loan obligation. We consider this to be a refusal to repay your debt and will immediately initiate action to protect our interest. We must require that you render your payment in the amount of $475.97 via western union quick collect or moneygram immediately. This payment reflects your balance as of July 26th 2006.

We may also initiate other action, which may include, but not be limited to, obtaining legal representation, (which would create additional charges to you), if we do determine that a request be made for service or a court appearance for a possible judgment be issued against you for the repayment of this legally binding debt.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding how you obtained the loan, we may also initiate internal investigation to ensure all information submitted on the loan application was accurate and not done fraudulently in order to attempt to obtain a loan under false pretenses. If we determine you obtained the money fraudulently we will initiate action to protect out interest to the fullest extent of the law. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and other governmental agencies, have established many laws and regulations in regard to Internet fraud and procedures the federal government adheres to when this type of information is reported.

You need to go to Western Union and get the BLUE QUICK COLLECT FORM (or go to and choose the quick collection option)

4. ACCOUNT #: Your Social Security Number
5. The reference # is Your Telephone Number

You can also use your debit card or various charge cards at

OR you can go to Moneygram and get the BLUE EXPRESSPAYMENT FORM
1. The Company name is: CPD-OFFER
2. The Receive Code is: 4243
3. The City is: Las Vegas
4. The State is: Nevada
5. The Account Number is: 1429499114

If you are unable to pay $475.97 for the entire balance on the loan then we must require a minimum payment of $158.66 place the account on hold.

If this account is referred for further review and action to our outside firm for additional collection efforts, it will commence activity on the account to be done to the fullest extent of the law in order to protect our interest in this matter. At that point, you will be responsible for all additional fees associated with costs involved for the collection of this debt.

Please call us immediately with the Control Number of your wire in order to update your account and to avoid other action and charges to you.

I would highly suggest you call 1-866-645-1661 to resolve this matter immediately. This is the only way for you to resolve this very serious situation, which you have initiated. Your failure to do so may result in the above-mentioned action being taken

Thank you,

Credit Protection Depot

**Please Do Not Reply To This Email**
You can contact us at our toll free number 1-866-645-1661.


Shoudl I respond with a cease and desist letter, a paid in full letter or just send to T&C and let them handle it. Or maybe a combination of a C&D letter and let T&C know? Advice much appreciated.

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Same thing happened to me. They will charge you out the butt if you don't pay them. I had an attorney write them a letter and they have never bothered me again.

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WHere you have this loan with T&C, contact them and let them know that you received a letter from them. T&C will handle it.

Sub: #2 posted on Thu, 07/27/2006 - 18:20

Not so Lucky Not so Lucky

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Good Luck in contacting them. Every address I send to gets retuned. I have done some searching and calling these people are in Tennessee. There are several complaints filed with the Federal Bureau of Investigations there. Maybe we need to complain also. We need someone high up there to fight these people. KYSIDE38

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I didn't get anywhere with MYCASHNOW and they would in noway shape or form accept my proposal from my debt management Program. They ended up sedning my account to a collection agency who also would not accept my proposal so just to get them out of my hair I set up two monthly payments to just get them paid off.

Sub: #4 posted on Wed, 08/02/2006 - 22:54

PinkLady PinkLady
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PinkLady, I know how you feel. These people owe me money. I am going to put complaint in also with Federal Bureau of Investigations. They will find them. They're mistake is in using a place in US to transfer this money. I will let you know the progress we are making. KYSIDE38

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Has anyone had any kind of success with MyCashNow?


Sub: #6 posted on Thu, 08/03/2006 - 05:28

Mercy9796 Mercy9796

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I had major problems with them saying I did not make my last payment and they continued to threaten and call everyday at work. I finally had to get an attorney to write a letter and have never heard from them again.

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I have used mycashnow and I didn't have any problems. I could extend, pay half, pay the minimum, and had no problems with my bank account or anything. Is this the site your talking about?

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Does anyone who has dealt with CPD_Offer know their mailing address

Sub: #9 posted on Tue, 11/17/2009 - 01:13


Other than them being illegal, charging loan shark rates, I didnt have any issues with them. Before I educated myself I always paid and never had any issues etc......

Sub: #10 posted on Tue, 11/17/2009 - 07:39

Artn Artn

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