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I am one of many I am sure who have a pretty gnarlly credit report. A lot of it was due to my own handling of money when i was younger and a TOTAL lack of knowledge about credit and how to check it, build it and keep tabs on it. I have been following the direction of both Bud Hibbs and The credit secrets bible pretty much to the word but still find this all pretty confusing.
I most recently was encouraged to send off a letter of Validation to a Collection Agency (Collect America) in regards to an account. I have yet to receive any word back and am now a little confused on what to do next. The next line of advice given to me was to do nothing until I hear back from them and then tell them "Thanks, but you still have not validated this debt with your company" I really don't want to be in a life long letter ping pong with them, I want to get this item off of my credit report. So how long do I wait to hear back from them? What do I do if I never do? Does that mean I am just stuck with the item on my report? Or do I just hope that if I never hear back that they will do something illegal to my report and I will be able to have deletion from that? Help please!!

If I were you then I would have waited for something more than 1 month. If I didn't get any reply then I'll send a dispute letter to the concerned credit bureau where my report has wrong entry. Credit bureau in turn will ask the creditor to validate the debt. If the creditor fails in the same within a specific time period (1 month generally) then you can ask the CB to erase the wrong entry and in such cases CBs remain obligated to erase the same.

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phoenix is right. You should follow up with the DC and send them a cease and desist letter and tell them they are now in non compliance and have no right to collect on this debt and it is to be immediately removed from your credit report. You have to send these mail certified with delivery confirmation and send copies to the CRA with proof of mailing and DEMAND they removed this invalidated account from your credit report.

A CRA that refuses is subject to be sued by you for every incorrect entry they refuse to correct.

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