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Do you have an Emblem Mastercard that you obtain through paying off a debt through Jefferson Capital Systems? Is so, how is it working for you? What was your starting credit line, and what is your credit limit now. I just want to know how many people is the Emblem card working for, the ones that have it...
My starting credit was $262 and the card was issued in May 2009. I received my first credit limit increase in October 2009 of $100. Then in January 2010 I received an increase of $200.00 Since I heard they give increase every three months, I should recieve another increase this month. Not sure how much it will be.
I have been before time. I just recenlty, the last two months, use my credit card to pay bills. All the bills I was paying with my debit card, I start paying with my credit card. The money that I use to pay bills, I apply it to the card. So, when statement times roll around, its nearly a 0 balance. This has really built up my credit score. I expect a larger increase of a credit limit since i have been applying $300-$400 bi weekly on my credit card. That's $600-$800. This will show them that I am able to handle more.
So when I receive that next credit limit increase I will be sure to share it! Should be tomorrow since this makes the 3rd month.
Please share you Emblem experiences!

I entered the agreement with Jefferson Capital, paid off an old debt that WAS mine but got behind due to job loss. The amount I had to pay was significantly less than the balance owed on the account, and because they offered the credit card with a low balance once the initial payment was made, I agreed to do it.

However, just last month, the company changed who was handling the cards and now I have a problem. I cannot find where to see my statement online, and have not received my statement in the mail, yet my payment is due June 27. My problem is that my balance is significantly higher on their payment site than my records show (about $80 higher). I can make a payment, but cannot see my statement, and that concerns me.

I am hoping the statement appears in the mail in the next day or so.

I am also disappointed that they no longer issue credit increases. This was going to be my only credit card, and I, too, was led to believe that regular, on-time payments would result in increases to my credit line. Like others, I rarely use the card (learned that lesson the hard way), but there are occasions when I may want to carry a small balance over a few months - like booking a trip when I know a payment for my freelance work will be there soon, but I can get a great rate now...things like that.

I do not think this card is a scam, but am not happy with the new way payments are taken online....I like to see the charges on there before I pay. I did pay today because the payment was due June 27, but only paid a little over the limit until I can see my statement. I need to know why the balance is $80 higher than it should be.

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I was just given the option to make payments on an outstanding bill and enroll in the fresh start program and receive an emblem mastercard I payed over the minimum balance and is looking forward to receiving my first credit card to help repair my credit. I hope this card is real and I hope it will be a positive experience for me.:)

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I've have my card since 2007 with an almost 1,000 credit limit. They sure helped my build my credit and Put me back on the map after destroying my credit as a young adult....

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hey on something in OK.never in your idiotic ramble did you make even one tangible point.except for other shills,and idiots(with a iq of three)everyone is dumber for having seen that.thanks and now back to your indentured servitude that is the jefferson capital/emblem mastercard.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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You were given a credit card with a big balance and you're happy about it?


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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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I've had my Emblem card for at least 5 years now. I'm happy with it, except when someone else took it over and though I paid on time, they were not as quick to credit it on the other end. I just make sure I pay it a few days earlier now. Other than that, I'm perfectly happy. No scam at all and my credit rating has significantly improved and I was just approved for a low-interest miles-earning credit card with a big balance. By the way, I first got this card to pay off an old debt at a reduced rate and to improve my credit rating. :sun:

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So far so good. I have only had the actual card for about 2 months and I am happy with the company and the fact that I was able to pay off a dept and still be able to have a credit card for emergencies.

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I think I will just use this card ($248 limit) for gas purchases and pay it off every month (certainly will NOT pay them any interest!).

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I've had no problems with my card either. I pay online every month without a hitch. I did call about a credit line increase and was told they don't do credit line increases. My understanding when I signed up was that after a good payment history, I would receive an increase. I'll probably call them again at a later date and see what happens. I kind of like the limit being small, though, because it's an amount I can easily pay off each month. I haven't paid a penny in fees or interest to them.

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I paid mine off every month--only 117.00 and they still wouldn't raise it.

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