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How to Remove A Paid State Tax Lien from Public Record?

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Hi everyone,

I applied for a CC and got denied because of a back MD state tax lien that was on my credit report. I had paid the back tax and got the MD comptroller to mail me a letter of satisfaction saying that the amount owed had been satisfied.

I then wrote a letter and sent a copy of the satisfaction letter to the big three. Now, my credit report still has the state tax lien under public records section, but this time it says PAID TAX LIEN.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get the whole record removed? Is this possible - or am I stuck with this mark on credit report for 7 years?


You can request that it be removed but, they are under no obligation to do so if it's accurate. Take a good look at the info that's reported. If there is anything there that's inaccurate, dispute it.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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Thanks for the info [URL=" 192995"]OhioGal1[/URL].

The information is "accurate." MD leveled a tax lien on me and so I paid the tax lien. Now I'm wondering if I can get the whole Public Report removed? After all, if a credit reporting agency queried MD state records now, there would be no Public Record of the tax lien since it's been satisfied.

Does this make sense?

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Just because it's been paid doesn't mean it comes off. I do understand what you'd like to happen but, that's not how it usually works. For instance, if you have a credit card that's charged off and then you pay it, the charge off still stays on your credit report for the 7 years because the fact that you had the charge off is accurate, just like the fact that you had the tax lien is accurate. What I would do is look very closely at the info that was reported on your credit bureau file. Scour the info for even the tiniest inaccuracy (e.g. inccorect dates, incorrect amounts, incorrect address, middle initial, etc.). If you find ANYTHING that can be considered, inaccurate, dispute it as inaccurate. Another option is to send a goodwill letter to the state of MD and ask them to remove it, since it's been paid. Other than that, you'll have to wait for it to fall off.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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[URL=" 192995"]OhioGal1[/URL] - good knowledge, and thanks for the support.

All of the info on the paid tax lien looks accurate - so I guess I'm stuck there. Also, when I spoke to the MD Comptroller's office, they indicated that it is not their office that submits info to the credit agencies. Instead, third party companies troll public record databases to sell information to the credit agencies. Because of that, a letter of goodwill to MD doesn't seem like it'll do anything.

From what I've been gleaning from the internet is that I'm probably stuck with this black mark on my credit for 7 years. How bad of a mark is a paid tax lien for about $1,000 anyway?

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It depends on how long ago it was paid. Usually, if denied, the reason is "too soon since public record...blah blah." As long as you keep it that way, you'll be good after a couple years probably.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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Tax liens paid or unpaid stay on your credit report for life, they are NOT removed after seven years. I have one from the state of California that was a mistake and I really didn't owe them a dime. The California Franchise Tax board agree it was a mistake, but I still can't get this lien removed. This thing has been haunting me now for SIXTEEN years!

This all started by a 1099 counted twice. I had no problem with the IRS but the state of California filled a lien before giving me chance to prove the mistake.

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Incorrect. Paid tax liens appear on your credit report for seven years after the lien is paid. Unpaid tax liens remain for a minimum period of fifteen years and, in some cases, forever. Equifax and TransUnion show unpaid tax liens indefinitely. Experian shows them for fifteen years.

I'm guessing yours is still showing because it's "unpaid."

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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I had about 25 on my record. I sent a written request to have them expunged. It was estimated sales tax though. I little differant situation. In most states you can make a request in writeing to have them expunged.

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