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How do I remove a negative false remark on my credit report?

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I had just got a message from a collection agency asking me to call back. I have never received anything in the mail or any other calls saying that I owe money. So I did a credit report and it says my accounts are in good standing. But at the end of the credit report it a section under Collections it says ?A collection is an account that has been turned over to a collection agency by one of your creditors because you have not paid the account as agreed.? Its From Oxford Collection Agency and it says I owe money to ATT Wireless. No other place in my credit report does it say anything about this account. I?ve never had ATT before. And I?ve never had any bills from ATT. It also say?s I?ve been Delinquent since January 2004. I just don?t know how they can put this on my credit report when first of all, I?ve never sign up with anything ATT, and second I?ve never received anything from ATT Wireless or anyone else saying I?m delinquent in my bills. What can I do about this?

You have to dispute the item with the credit bureau and get it removed from your file. This negative info is hurting your credit potential. It sounds that the collection agency reported this item to the CRA and that's why it's coming in your latest credit copy.

Send a letter to Oxford for specific information. They need to prove that the debt is legitimate and you owe them money. If they can give you this accurate info, you are supposed to pay them. If they can't give you anything, dispute their marking in your credit report. Most collectors enter wrong information in people's files with similar names. If this is the case, you need to force on removing the reported item from your credit file.

The CRA is also required by law to present your accurate credit history. Request them to do a thorough investigation on this item with the collector and update your file. Keep all copies documented in a folder so that you are able to prove your actions at any point of time.

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I recently was thinking of refiniancing my home , and spoke with a person about this. They informed me that the former company tha I had my home mortaged with had turned me in as (M7) which according to him is forecloseur. I have never been in forecloseur nor have I been affilatted with the company reporting this false info. for appox.4 yrs.
I contacted this company and was told I would have to despute this with the credit reporting agencies,is this right?

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yes, dispute it ASAP, it can take 30-45 days for the reports to be updated, so if you are in a time crunch for a loan this will be throwing a wrench in the works.

If you haven't already, order all 3 of your credit reports by visiting the ONLY free website annualcreditreport dot com. You have to order each of them, Transunion, Equifax and Experian, seperately. Then if the debt that you know nothing about is on your credit reports, you can follow the dispute process on each website which can be found by looking for the "dispute" link on each site.

Good luck!

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I live in Rhode Island and had gotten a speeding ticket in Washington state. I paid the ticket, however, Washington has reported it as not paid. I have contacted all three reporting agencies but it just shows as disputed. The real problem is that my license keeps getting suspended (for non-payment) in RI. RI has issued me several letters stating that my license has been suspended due to clerical error. This is also affecting my insurance rate. What can I do that I haven't done already??

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do you have proof that you paid it? meaning reciept, check register, or any other concrete proof. if so, send your payment records to washington and dispute w/ credit bureau w/proof..

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You need a copy of a receipt, cancelled check or it paid by money order, a copy of the paid money order.

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i have bad accounts that have been on my report for over 7 years. Is there a law that requires credit reporting agencies to remove them from my report

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They must be removed after 7 years + 180 days from the Date of First Default.

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i had a credit card and couldnt make the payments after 2 emergency back surgeries. but i had credit protection on this card. i requested for it to be paid i did everything right.the card co tried to take me to court.i proved to the courts that i had this policy and it was dropped.i also proved it to the 3 credit reporting agency but they will not remove it! what can i do? This is hurting me on buying a house.

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