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Okay, round about story is 10 years ago I had two credit cards (Capital One and Providian) both went into collections and went to midland credit management. They have placed over 12 entries on my credit report each for the same two accounts on a one month term for different amounts. Every time I dispute it another one gets added. Bear in mind that this account is over 7 years and should not be on my report. I disputed again 30 days ago and this time I got a response from Experian. But what does it mean?

Investigation results:
Status Details:
This account is scheduled to continue on record until Aug 2008.
This item was verified and updated on Jul 2008.

Collection account. $$$ past due as of Jul 2008.

Date Opened:

1 Months

Your Statement:
Account information disputed by consumer (Meets requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act).

The funny thing is that I still have providian listed on my credit report with a date of 1999 and will not be removed until Midland is removed. This is getting to be bs.

How do I get Midland removed for good? How can they report the debt opened in 2007 when the debt was already past 7 years?

If it's not off your reports by the end of August, dispute again as obsolete. If Midland verifies and tries to extend the reporting time, request an investigation under sec 623 of the FCRA with Midland and file complaints with the FTC, your's and their AG's, and the ACA. Does your Providian account show any negative info or just that it has been sold/transferred with a $0 balance?

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ugggg midland is a nightmare to deal with

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This is what providian has listed on the credit report:

Account Number: XXXXXXXXXX
Acct Type: Credit Card - Revolving Terms
Acct Status: Closed
Monthly Payment:
Date Open: 12/1/2000
Balance: $657.00
Terms: Revolving
High Balance:
Limit: $250.00
Past Due: $186.00
Payment Status: Charge-off
Comments: Credit line closed-grantor request-reported by subscriber

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Does it have the date of last activity? Providian was acquired by WaMu in '03(?) so I doubt that what is on your reports is accurate especially since Midland(JDB) is trying to collect on it

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nothing on my credit report has a date of last activity on any of the three reports. I know for a fact that the last credit card I had was in 2000. I should have nothing on my report. I have never had this many problems. Midland has kept providian, household/orchard, and capital one all on my report filling it with all these one month reports.

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If you are certain that none of these things should still be reporting, you should follow Nascar's advice above about requesting an investigation and filing complaints. Good luck!

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I have a Providian TL on TU and EX. I never opened an account with Providian but apparently they purchased my Discover account sometime in 1999. The TL shows a zero balance and sold to another lender and has no derogatory info on it whatsoever so I've left it alone. With yours, I would make the CRA's verify every single line on the TL including the ones, like DOLA, that are not showing.

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Here's the last dispute letter I sent to EQ(CSC), requesting all items to be verified:


Attention: Dispute Department


Dear Sir or Madam:

I am disputing the below indicated inaccurate information being reported by CREDITOR. Please follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act in regards to your investigation. Please investigate each line item below and report the results of your investigation back to me. I am looking for complete and accurate results.

Account Number XXXX
Account Owner Individual Account
Type of Account Installment
Term Duration None
Date Opened 09/2000
Date Reported 06/2007
Date of Last Payment 02/05
Scheduled Payment Amount $931
Date Major Delinquency First Reported 11/04
Creditor Classification None
Charge Off Amount $0
Balloon Payment Amount $0
Date Closed None
Current Status CHARGE OFF
High Credit $29,935
Credit Limit $0
Terms Frequency None
Balance $7,707
Amount Past Due $7,707
Actual Payment Amount $0
Date of Last Activity 04/03
Months Reviewed 20
Activity Description n/a
Deferred Payment State Date None
Balloon Payment Date None
Type of Loan Unsecured

Inaccurate Payment History ???????? I was never late:

30 Days: 06/03, 07/03, 11/03, 06/04, 07/04, 08/04 and 09/04.
60 Days: 08/03 and 10/04.
90 Days: 11/04
120 Days: 12/04

Address: Please be advised that my address has now changed. I have already contacted my creditors and informed them of the address change. Please delete any previous address you may have on file for me as they are obsolete and replace with the below information. Please do not list any address other on my credit file other than the address indicated below.

Employment: I have never worked for COMPANY NAME, please remove this inaccurate information from my credit file.

Name: My name is NASCAR_Devil, see enclosed Driver????????s License. Please make the required name change to my credit file.

Please conduct an investigation as required by law and forward me the results. Please send me the reporting history made by CREDITOR. Also send the Method of Verification with your investigation results.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention in this matter.

PO Box 1234

Enclosures: Driver????????s License and Equifax Credit Report Dated 08/06/07 items circled in red are incorrect and need to be deleted/changed

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