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Does anyone know the minimum score you need to get approved for a house loan?

A lot depends on the loan and other factors. The lower your score is, the higher the interest rate will generally be. There are other factors that are also looked at, such as your debt to income ratio. It's harder to get mortgage loans now than it used to be, so your score probably needs to be pretty good, but I don't know that there is a definite minimum. A loan officer in your area could probably give you the best answer.

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Thank you

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For an FHA loan you most lenders will approve you with 580 minimum credit score, even though hud does not require a minimum score. Still you have to qualify with your income, so, let's say for a $1000 mortgage payment you need to make $3500 a month and not to have other debts.

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Remember that FHA loan requirements are set to change effective 10/01/08.

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