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Hi..I am new here and have been reading through these threads, seeking information. I have poor credit and I've come up with a plan to fix my credit. I just need a car. I can easily obtain a part time job to pay things off on my credit but I do not have transportation due to an accident earlier this year that totaled my car. I've been doing a lot of research, exploring all the options available to me. Drivetime, JDByrider and Roadloans are all alternative places for people with poor credit (like me). I know these companies require some reassurance by selling cars with high interest rates to people with poor credit (I don't have a problem with this), but the stories on rip-off report and the BBB are just horrid. Adding on an additional $5k-$10k to the worth of these vehicles is just excessive, not to mention the time frame of the warranties they have. I'm unable to save for a large down payment and I have no one to co-sign for me. So I don't have many options. I have a plan to clean up my credit, so I'm not really seeking advice for that. What I want to know is: Are they're any car dealerships similar to these but minus the scandals, hassels, and disregard of all respect and integrity to it's customers. Any advice would help. Thanks for reading.

BTW, I live in Jacksonville FL.

Through extensive research I've found that buy here pay here dealerships might be another option for those with poor credit.

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girloduval girloduval

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Except that the tote-the-note car lots don't report to the national CRAs. Thus, they do nothing to help your credit. And you still wind up paying usurious interest rates for crappy cars with minimal warranties. Been there, done that.

If you're in need of transportation, buy a good used car from a private seller, and have it checked out thoroughly by a mechanic first. If you want to start rebuilding credit, go have a heart to heart talk with an understanding banker. There are still some of those out there.

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unclewulf unclewulf
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JD Byrider is like the Rent- a -Center of used cars!

I have had experience with RoadLoans, with no problem.They are also a member of the BBB.

Only real drawback with RoadLoans is no grace period. If you miss a payment they start calling the next day.
On the upside, when you purchase a vehicle it's like paying cash!

I have no experience with Drive Time.

Good Luck on your quest for affordable transportation.

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Roadwarrior Roadwarrior

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I went though Drivetime. There was so much interest, but it was a good car. They will even lower the down so you have enough for insurance and the payment is due every two weeks or when ever you get paid so you don't miss a payment. You can also check with dealerships that have Credit Acceptance financing. They will have high rates, but lower than drivetime. AND most regular dealerships now a days have their financing.

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Go to Carmax.. you will get a high interest rate, but Drive Financial will approve you for a specific amount with $1,000 down. Very good warranties.. The interest is HIGH to start off, so find a car that is affordable for you to make your monthly payments. The mileage is low.

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