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Need help in getting something taken off my credit report

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I need help in trying to get something taken off of my credit report, but don't know how to go about to get it do, any suggestions???

Who's the company reporting on your credit? Do you have a balance with them?

If it's a disputed account, call the company and get your info. They should give you the details or else report to the bureaus in a fair way.

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aciotsf aciotsf

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You should notify the credit bureau in writing regarding the information you believe is inaccurate in your credit report. You can make a copy of the credit report and circle the items you believe are false. Enclose copies (not the originals) of documents or paperwork that validate your proof. Write a letter to the reporting agency explaining why you are disputing the information, stating them the facts and requesting an investigation to resolve the issues. Send your letter via certified mail with a return receipt requested, so that you have a proof of what the credit bureau has received. Always keep copies of your dispute letter and enclosures. Send a similar letter to the creditor whose reporting information you are disputing.

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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I have a satisfaction paid in full, now how do I get it off the credit report or even charge offs.

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Legally, they can be reported for 7 years + 180 days from the Date of First Default (DOFD). You can try and dispute the accuracy of the tradeline and hope that it is not verified w/in the 30-45 days they are allowed which would result in a deletion. Remember, it is a 2 edged sword. The item could be verified showing a more recent activity date which can tank your FICO's.

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That happened to me, I had a debt that I paid in full, Collection Agency shows it on my credit as "settled" ... so I disputed it because I knew it was wrong, and I too was hoping that they would fail to respond to the dispute.

Well bad news for me, the dispute WAS responded to, and because it had been a couple of years since the last update, my dispute caused my FICO to dip almost 20 points because even though the dates did not change at all, nor did any of the information, it showed as recent activity?

So as long as you are willing to deal with it if the dispute is rejected, give it a shot! But from what I have gathered by reading here and some other forums, truly settled accounts are normally NOT removed before the 7 1/2 years, the collection agencies let those hang in our files for the full amount of time to punish us for the maximum. Or you could get lucky?

How long ago was the collection? If it was within the first year that you paid it off or settled it, you probably do not have a very good chance. But if it is from a few years ago or longer, you might stand a better chance.

One other thing is if the Collection Agency is no longer in business, then they can't respond, so if you'll list the name, someone here might be able to tell you if they are still out there or not.

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smo65d11 smo65d11

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ANother good thing for the consumer is, unless dealing with scum like LVNV or Asshat, is that once they have thier money, they have no interest in you any longer. I've gotten rid of a few paid collections because they did not verify the disputes.

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All you have to do is keep disputing it no matter how long it takes. I personally kept doing it till it was taken off. Now everything on my credit is nothing but good things

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just put its not yours

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