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I realize I didn't get myself into trouble overnight so it's not going to change overnight but, I find myself amazed at how the information on your credit reports differs between the bureaus. All of my paid accounts show "PAID/CLOSED" for at least one bureau but, the other ones lag behind so slowly. I know I need to be patient but, when I see an update from FORD MOTOR CREDIT within 24hrs on an old account it's hard to believe what I see everyday when I look at my credit report. :shock:

Something will get partially updated and sometimes it'll take a couple phone calls and disputes to get things right. I just wanted to see if anyone else out there gets frustrated :evil: when updating or disputing the information on their credit report. I'm not losing my mind because I know that I've paid everything off and I don't feel any pressure talking with whoever happens to call or pick up the phone when I call. It's a great feeling. :D

I'm glad I didn't go with one of the online CREDIT FIXER guys 'cause it hasn't really been that hard. :roll: Just keep notes and keep disputing and calling. Get a couple generic cards (i.e. Capital One, Orchard Bank) and pay them off immediately. I pay them online the second I get the e-mail. When I use the card the one or two times I do in a month, I flip it over in my wallet so I know it's got charges on it. Kind of a mental thing. :roll:

I just can't wait until my credit report is ACTUALLY accurate. It's getting really close! I also can't wait until I achieve ELITE PLATINUM CREDIT STATUS and my score is astromically high, you know, like 1275. Just kiddin'. Heck I can't wait until it goes over the 600 mark..... any day now. :wink:

you are doing well & you are certainly doing good to dispute positive only trade lines with the creditor.If you need further help please post number of good accounts,average age of accounts,and detailed info of any bad accounts.Please remember not to post any personal info or account numbers here.I have a sticky at the top of the credit repair board titled credit tips which gives good pointers.Good luck in your progress.

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Personally, I would stay away from Orchard and Cap1 although I have a Cap1. It has an annual fee on it so when I get it paid off again, I'm going to cancel. Try Juniper for the I-Tunes card (I got $750 CL no AF) or Merricks Hooters MC ($750 CL no AF). Also, if you can get into the high 600's, go for a PennFed CC. You don't need to be a Federal Employee and they give some good CL's.

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I've heard many people say bad things about Orchard Bank and Capital One but, so far I've had good success with them. I pay them off as soon as the statement is ready. I will drop Orchard Bank as soon as my FICO gets in the mid 600s and I can get better cards. Orchard (HSBC) posted to my credit report pretty much the day I paid the bill.

With Cap1, they approved me for a card (generic $300 limit) even though when I was approved the bureaus didn't even show that I paid off a Judgement to the local court for their credit card. The Judgement is almost completely updated, even though one bureau is lagging behind, and the original Charge-Off in the CAPITAL ONE tradeline is nearly complete as well. I guess they spit those Bad Credit $300 Platinums out like candy. It was worth the $19 processing fee.

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