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Does anyone know how many inquiries is considered "TOO MANY"? 4? 10? more? And do the ones that are between 0 to 1 year hurt you MORE than the inquiries that are over 1-year up to 2 years?

And if the SAME company has "inquired" a person more than once, do EACH of those runs hurt you, or is the same company running you (even if it is 6 times) not a big deal?

Inquiries are included in the new account section of the Fico score.They are allowed to report for 24 months providing they were legally placed. It effects Fico score for 12 months only & most creditors will not weigh them after six months.Notice I say most because there are some who are very sensitive to inquiries,but most of them are elite very prime companies. There is no exact number used to define what is too many.I would guess three per year would be okay unless you are shopping for home or auto as both of these activities generate a boat load of inquiries.Per your other post in my sticky,Innovis is a major credit bureau that a small number of companies use.I honestly have never seen my report from them yet.

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If you are shopping for an auto loan or mortgage you will generate many INQ's in a short amount of time but if they are all w/in 30-45 days, they are considered 1 INQ by many lenders. Each INQ newer than 12 months counts about 3 points from your FICO. If any INQ's are from CA's, FICO doesn't differentiate but a manual review by the lender might send up red flags.

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