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Anyone familiar with working with Citicard's Recovery department? I called Citi for the first time today after 115 days late on both accounts.

$14,972 - 1st card
$8900 - 2nd card

They sent me settlement offeres two months ago that were 45% of my balances. Today, I spoke with a rep who gave me 55% option on both, but then came back on the line and said she really can't do anything because it's being transitioned to Recovery. Will they do me better or worse?

She said that both accounts are "pre-litigation". Anyone know any tips with Citi that I can use? I'd like to get them both down to 40%... if so, I can probably pay the smaller in a lump sum. The larger, I'd have to do payments. Anyone get Citi to go more than 3 months on their payoffs? Thanks!

i totally posted this under the wrong forum. Moving this over. sorry!

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You wont get a payment plan for a settlement...they may extend it out 2-3 months but that would be it.

Really no such thing is "pre litigation"...it means nothing. You are either in legal status or you are not.....,it is like being a little bit pregnant.

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