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is it time to have these removed....can I just dispute them and they will be removed

I believe that it is 7.5 years from the date of first delinquency that they should come off of your report.

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Statute of Limitations varies from state to state....
What state are you in and whos reporting this account to your credit bureau?

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Statute of Limitations does vary from state to state and refers to the length of time that a creditor may sue you over delinquent debt.

The credit reporting time limit is different and is the length of time that credit bureaus can report account information on your credit report.

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FCRA allows for 7.5 years for reporting purposes. Generally the .5 is the initial default on the account (the date a payment on a current account is due but no payment is made) and the account goes 30,60,90-180 days. At 180 GAAP would dictate the account be charged off and then the 7 year clock is ticking. Some creditors will drop off before the full 7.5 years (my Sears acct defaulted in 12/01 and was off my reports in 2005) and others, like Crap1, will take it to every day of the 7.5 years. If you bring the account current again before charge off but then default again, the 7.5 years starts all over again. Generally, once a CO occurs, you can never bring the account current (though I have read posts about CO accounts being re-habbed - AMEX OASIS comes to mind). YMMV

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